Give to others this Christmas

November 25, 2011

It’s Black Friday. Before you brave the crowds in retail land, consider this alternative:

My sister-in-love texted the other day to ask what we wanted for Christmas.

I couldn’t think of an actual “thing” I wanted, so
I went through all the gift card ideas: Amazon, Target, coffee, Macy’s.

And then, my fingers tapped this:
We’d be thrilled if you’d make a small donation in our name
to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Her response:
I love that idea!

M. and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year.
Instead, we made a donation to a local charity
–Unity Care Group-
that helps foster children have a nice Christmas.
We’re participating in food and clothing drives again this year.
And we’re encouraging others to do the same.

But about St. Jude:

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital helps and saves children with cancer
and other serious diseases. No child is turned away for
any reason, including inability to pay.

It became the beneficiary of my will
years ago when my TV remote landed on an infomercial of theirs.
Half a box of tissues later and an email to my lawyer and my will was changed.

And about Unity Care:

Unity Care helps at-risk youth in San Jose and the Bay area.

There are so many worthwhile organizations that need our time and money
this season and all year around.
If you’re lucky enough to be in position to help with either time or money,
I promise you it will make your holiday very special.

And next time someone asks what you’d like for Christmas
you might consider asking for a small donation
to your favorite charity.

And like a band of angels, together we can spread hope and happiness
to those for whom it is in short supply.

One comment on “Give to others this Christmas
  1. Anonymous says:

    We’re starting a year of giving back to others with December gifts and acts of random kindness. I started a Facebook group of friends from across the country and encourage all to join.

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