Things I wish would go away in the new year

January 4, 2023

new-year-wishesI’ve got some new year wishes.

The barrage of emails to review every single transaction we make in our lives.

The overabundance of email marketing offers, sometimes daily from the same vendor.

Doctors and vets who over-confirm appointments: they send an email, a text and make a phone call. Is this overkill necessary?

Texts minutes after you review a retail website, saying “we noticed you were looking at this purse…”  It’s so 1984. Only we’re here in 2022 and it’s real.

Calls from telemarketers. Especially at 7am.

Junk mail.

Prejudice and bigotry. 


Over-sensitivity, including my own.

Rude behavior. Judgment.



Ye. Kanye. Or whatever he calls himself.

Fake Republicans.




Political stupidity.

And dear Lord, please make people stop posting those “meeting between bread” or “bowls of rice” or any of this other hyper-emotional pleas that are supposed to foster more engagement, but do anything but. Want to know more? Scroll halfway down this page and they are described as having “all the features of a campaign designed to be useful to text-crawling information-seeking bots,” They serve no  purpose.

These are just a few of my new year wishes. (ha!) What’s on your list?

22 comments on “Things I wish would go away in the new year
  1. adela says:

    I’ll add: Those super long ads on Youtube that start with “do these 3 things…” and never get to the three things.

  2. Rena says:

    The doctor’s confirmations are the worst! Or Janice from Medicare that bitch is driving me crazy at all hours of the day!

  3. Rena says:

    The doctor’s confirmations are the worst! Or Janice from Medicare that bitch is driving me crazy at all hours of the day! The political emails are also over the top.

  4. Beth Havey says:

    Your list is great. The over-abundance of emails…you would think Walgreens was in love with me or eager to know my every move. LOL.

  5. Diane says:

    All of the above! I would add those pop-up ads that move the article you’re trying to read all over the place so you can’t follow it!

  6. Alana says:

    All those texts from “Amazon”,”UPS”, the credit union, etc. that aren’t. Scam phone calls in general. And yes, the dr’s offices that want you to confirm you are coming daily and then email you twice a day to register online so the receptionist doesn’t have to spend three minutes confirming your latest insurance info- I thought it was just my doctor’s practice but apparently not!

  7. Rita says:

    I wish we had a Congress that wasn’t being hung up by a few far Right members of the House of Representatives. I’ve said for many years that if you hate government, you shouldn’t run for public office. I’m dreading what damage these dangerous members can do when Congress tries to address the debt ceiling and funding the federal government.

  8. Jennifer says:

    All of this and Deathsantis, Sex-Offender Gaetz, and those damn subscribe pop-ups that come up as soon as you click on a website. Can I at least read something first?

    • Oh the pop ups. I don’t know why some of my fave bloggers do that because it’s a problem. And Deathsantis–Michael and I lived in Florida for a long time and we are both done with it. Could never survive in that red a state.

  9. Laurie Stone says:

    Yes, the ad stalking can get really annoying, from social media site to site.

  10. My last dentist never confirmed my appointment and I always arrived wondering if it was the right time and day. But most of the others I totally agree.

  11. Meryl says:

    I agree with everything on your list. And any emails that start with ‘congratulations’ that aren’t immediately sent to my junk mail!

  12. I can identify with plenty of these. I would add religious fundamentalism to the list although they might come under prejudice and bigotry!

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