Go dark tomorrow. Strategically.

January 19, 2017


When they go to the inauguration, we GO DARK.

That’s right. Tomorrow from 10 am until 6pm, don’t completely turn off your television, but do unplug from the inauguration. Here’s how:

If you have cable or satellite TV, it’s still possible to keep track of who is watching what. If you’re a Nielsen family, it’s always tracked. But just in case cable systems are tracking, here’s what to do:

Instead of turning your TV off that day, turn all your TVs NOT to the inauguration but to OTHER CHANNELS. Some suggestions would be:

Shopping channels
The Science Channel
The History Channel
Animal Planet
The Comedy Channel
Music channels

You don’t have to watch, you can mute it. But turn on those TVs to non-inaugural programming. Just in case. Who knows if they’re tracking, but if they are:

Here’s the reason.

Let’s say that 1000 households are watching TV that day:
400 or 40% are watching Trump.
600 or 60% are watching anything else.

If 400 completely turn the TV off, that’s a boycott of 400 and a greater percentage actually WATCHING the Fuhrer.
400 or 67% are watching Trump
200 or 33% are watching anything else.

So if we turn off the TVs, it looks like a large majority of viewers tuned into Trump. But if our TVs are tuned to other shows, the percentage drops.  Imagine how crushed his ego will be to have low ratings AND a lower percentage of viewers.

Let’s show Der Fuhrer that we do not support him but also show the sponsors who bought advertising on this event that we don’t support them, either. Money talks.

So leave the TV on to another channel and spend that time doing something more meaningful. Walk the dog, read, play with the kids, hang out with family, go to a movie. Ignore the ceremony installing this man who is not fit for the office.

It’ll feel good, for sure. And maybe it’ll send a message.

An upside down flag is recognized as a signal of distress.



8 comments on “Go dark tomorrow. Strategically.
  1. I think Animal Planet would be an apt commentary! I’ll be out all day but had planned on doing this as well for the day.

  2. hillsmom says:

    Good ideas Carol, but he should be referred to as “Hair Furor”. That is if one has to refer to him at all. Wearing black armband tomorrow.

  3. Hair Furor is perfect. Great tips. Now if I can just keep the retired guy off the TV.

  4. Barbara says:

    Great idea, hadn’t thought of it. So, I’m thinking comedy central. Laughter is good medicine.

  5. Yes, Hair Fuhrer is a good one! On my Politic Tammer FB page ( I hope you have liked the page ) I put flags at half mast. What a sorrowful day, not only for America, but for the world. I will not watch, I could not stand it.

  6. Valerie says:

    This really is a great tactic. My husband, who had been in marketing/advertising for many years (and is currently the CEO and American arm of a integrated marketing company) mentioned this strategic move to me a week ago. I’m turning on every TV in the house to ID Channel, Chiller or SyFy Channel.

  7. Sounds like a good and peaceful way to make your views known to those in power – Media and Big companies who purchase advertising. Although I did not vote for Trump, I do celebrate that we live in a democracy and have the peaceful transfer of power, whether or not I agree with who was elected or not. But I see where you are coming from.

  8. GiGi Eats says:

    I mean, I typically watch HGTV anyways. That being said, he is our new president. We can’t really do much about it. So why not try and just make the best of it?

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