God places hands on us

January 19, 2014
Brian Andreas / Storypeople

Brian Andreas / Storypeople

The Divine places hands on each of us,  and blesses us in its own way. I believe that with all my heart.

We can think that we’re unlucky or cursed or impotent, but it’s not true. We’re all blessed in some way.

What we choose to do with those blessings is up to us.

People come into our lives to play a role in our story. Are they there to teach us something? To help us grow? To move us in one direction or another?

Do we recognize them as important parts of the plot? Are we paying attention?

Opportunities are presented to us. Sometimes, on a silver platter and easy to recognize. Other times? Not so much.

Are we awake to the possibilities? Can we identify the turning point and will we do something about it?

Are we paying attention?

What kinds of decisions are we making?

What are we doing with the gifts the Divine has bestowed upon us?

These are questions I never asked myself when I was young, but I ask them all the time, now, when time is shorter and every act means more.

We are all part of something bigger: a paragraph, a page, a story in the work of the Divine.

And while there’s a huge part of me that never wants to transition out of this world, there’s another part that’s hugely curious about the story that we’ll only learn when we move on.

Does that sound strange to you?

Sometimes, it does to me.

6 comments on “God places hands on us
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Really lovely, Cassandra. I forwarded this to my sister and my daughter. Both gifted woman who are are grateful

  2. Bouncin Barb says:

    Not strange at all. I look forward to the exact same thing when the time comes. Meanwhile, I’ve learned a really big lesson and need to relax and not worry so much because the Divine will take care of me!

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