Going to hell in a handbasket*

February 11, 2012

Six-year old, tarted up for fashion show in NYC, during which she slapped her butt and wriggled suggestively

I saw this day coming.

The day in which three-year-olds compete in beauty pageants wearing heavy eye-makeup, false lashes and dressed as the main character in the movie, Pretty Woman. Who is a prostitute.

The day in which a big-assed young woman pimped out by her manager-mother became an icon to young girls and became very rich off a TV show she got after her sex tape went public. Yes, her sex tape.

Way back in the 80s, yes, that long ago, I’d look at MTV video stars in their provocative, scanty lingerie and wonder, “if this is what kids are exposed to every day, what will they consider sexy and arousing when they’re adults?”

And what of the millions of young kids who would see so much lingerie on TV they would become inured to it? Yes, what kind of off-beat fetish would it take to get them off as adults if black hose, garter belts and lacy g-strings were every-day attire for entertainment stars?

Oh wait, fetish attire is now an every-day thing, too:

Singer Cristina Aguilera

I am not a prude. In fact, I’m the furthest thing from a prude. But fetish wear belongs in the bedroom. Of adults.

Rose McGowan, 1998 MTV awards and really not at all flattering.

Besides leaving nothing to the imagination.

Really, this does smack of the Fall of the Empire.

Cher’s Turn Back Time video was banned from MTV in the 1980s because of this provocative outfit.

It was the last gasp of good sense. {It strikes me that one hair of wiry stubble could be disastrous to this get-up. “Get-up.” Geez, I sound like a Midwestern matron.}

Of course, she’s still dressing like this, in her late 60s. And outfits like this are considered tame in today’s music industry.

Oh, here’s something I didn’t see coming. Crotchless panties sized for a seven-year-old in a teens and kids’ clothing store.

I know, this is a whole melange of craziness.

But bottom line: Enough is enough. Here’s what I think:

  • When toddlers are doing stripper moves for a pageant, something’s seriously wrong.
  • Crotchless panties do not belong in a Kids ‘n’ Teens store.
  • Grown women should leave a little something to the imagination, even those with bodies to die for.
  • And we should not be surprised when we hear that younger and younger men are suffering bedroom dysfunctions. Because that can only be next.

*Going to hell in a handbasket

One comment on “Going to hell in a handbasket*
  1. Anonymous says:

    Our society has definitely abandoned women with stunts like these. I am all for the return of dignity and respect for women which apparently needs to start at home.

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