Gratitude Friday

August 7, 2009

I cannot think of a more fitting post for Gratitude Friday than the meditation below, posted by a Facebook friend. It is a modern interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer set to music, and it’s peaceful and lovely. I’ve begun each of the last few days with it.

There’s no way to embed it, so the URL appears below.

Today, the words of the meditation that spoke most directly to me were these:

May I be awake to your direction and your divine wisdom.
That is the key, isn’t it? To be awake and to listen. God speaks, but we don’t always hear or understand.

I praise & honor you by the way I treat your creations.
There is so much horrible cruelty in the world, but this also speaks to me of those little cruelties that we perpetrate on one another. As a pacifist and someone who believes firmly no one but God has the right to take another life, not even “the state,” I want to think more about how I treat people on an every day basis. What I can do to make their day happier and better.

Help me to forgive others’ mistakes so that I may be forgiven mine.
In my life I’ve forgiven some really big things but I struggle so much with others that it’s a regular prayer for me. That I may forgive people who have done me wrong. Because I, too, have done others wrong. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.

I trust that, with your guidance, all my needs and divine desires will be provided for.
Until I experienced the miracle of my fabulous husband coming back into my life, I never really got this part of it. Between that miracle, and watching devout close friends who are guided by God and strongly believe He provides for them, I get it now. Boy, do I get it.

.. to be a living example of what humanity can be, now and forever.
I remember that old saying, “think globally, act locally.” The world changes one person at a time. To be loving and honest, kind and generous of spirit, to embed that in our individual lives every day, to reflect the glory of God — these are powerful things and they can change the world.

Please join me in thanking God, Spirit, Universe for our blessings with this meditation.

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