Gratitude Friday – journal

September 4, 2009

A dear friend gave me this gratitude journal for my birthday, which we celebrated late this year.

Every morning, I start the day with a few words about what I’m thankful for.

This little bundle of joy appears on those pages often.

So, as I prepare to welcome Puddin, Little He, Tinker, Gigi, Rufus and my wonderful husband to our little Tampa house, I am grateful for the two years Riley and I have had alone together. He is a wonderful little companion, a real character, and a joyful reminder of the importance of love in my life.

As I told him this morning, from here on out, once he gets used to other dogs and cats in his space, every day will be a Play Day. And I will always love him the way I do now.

Gratitude. For Riley and for all creatures great and small.
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2 comments on “Gratitude Friday – journal
  1. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    Riley’s been there with you through a lot of change. He has been a real constant for you through the last two years. I totally understand that this change is huge, for him and for you.

  2. You’re right…he’s such a special little dog, too. Of course, they’re ALL special!

    I am looking forward to loving our other pets, too. Getting to know them. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

    Life is changing. It’s all good. But an adjustment, for sure. You are right. We’ll have a lot to talk about in just A FEW WEEKS!

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