Great holiday gift deals

November 23, 2012

Shopping today? Scouting for Black Friday sales?

I’m always on the lookout for great holiday gift deals. Macy’s doesn’t pay me, but they should, because it’s pretty much my favorite place to shop and I particularly appreciate the huge discounts they offer these days. Add to that the various coupons account-holders receive by mail and really nice gifts begin to fit more budgets.

Last Saturday morning I decided to capitalize on Macy’s 9a.m. opening time (so I could actually find a parking space) and take a spin through Macy’s at Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA).

Here are some of my find on my latest search for budget-conscious gifts:

$38 minus Macy’s discount

Sometimes you just want to get something that screams quality, and Dooney & Burke leather definitely does that.  These small wallets are $38, regular price. Ok, high, right? Now take 20% off. Now, $32.  Or take $15 off and see $23. All of a sudden, this fine leather is within reach. Just saying.

Why do they do this only for pure-bred dogs?

What pug lover wouldn’t enjoy this Fuzzy Nation bag? It’s a hefty $59, which is high for a novelty item. But start using your Macy’s coupon discounts and pretty soon, it’s a gift to consider.

$35 without discount

This phone cover is way cute, even if you don’t have a pure breed. 

Charter Club brand

Leather gloves are not cheap, but in many parts of the country they’re given as gifts. Like in Rochester, NY, where I was raised. I think these were $58, but there was a 25% off sale going on, bringing the price down to $43.50. And you could use a Macy’s coupon.  Again, a lovely gift at a manageable cost.

These cute PJs are footed. Kind of silly but the right girl might love them to lounge around a cold dorm. I see my college students wearing animal hats all the time, with ears and eyes, so this isn’t so far fetched.

Another lounger, about knee length and 30% off, and then another 10% off, not counting the coupons. THESE are the deals to check out.

Love these slippers!

If there’s a Diva on your list, these Betsey Johnson slippers are cute. $38 minus 20% and then a coupon on top of that–you couldn’t do better at Target.

 The assortment of fun winter pajamas and nighties looked like a stack of delicious confections. I hate paying $49 for pajamas, but with sales and coupons, I was getting them for around $30 or less.

A morning at Macy’s isn’t complete without a short cruise through the kids’ department. No, I don’t have kids or grandkids, but I love looking at children’s clothing.

Say what you will, but little girls love Hello Kitty–this cute cardigan type jacket is 40% off plus you can use your Macy’s coupons.  And then, sometimes, you just HAVE to be impractical:


Everything any little princess would go crazy for. And to tell you the truth, even grown princesses would go crazy for this.

So, here’s my advice: Don’t throw your Macy’s flyers away. Open any envelopes Macy’s sends. And take advantage of the price breaks you can get by combining sale prices with discount coupons.

Full disclosure: the only money that changed hands was the money I paid Macy’s for the great deals I got on PJs and a Kindle cover.

6 comments on “Great holiday gift deals
  1. RHerman says:

    Any tips on where to get long black leather gloves — opera-ish length — like Michelle Obama’s been wearing? (without paying a fortune?)

  2. RHerman says:

    Any tips on where to get long, black leather gloves, opera-ish length, like the ones Michelle Obama has been wearing lately?(without paying a fortune)

  3. I love the pink sparkly furry jacket. Crazy how cute this is! I didn’t realize Macy’s had so many values.

  4. Grace Hodgin says:

    Well I’m certainly the girl for those footed PJs as I’d love a pair of those to run around in when it gets chilly. Lots of cute things with great prices at Macy’s. I’ll have to shop there sometime.

  5. Haralee says:

    With the coupons and the extra discount, it is like clicking your heels and saying 3 times “there is no place like Macy’s” and a bargain appears! Who doesn’t like a deal?

  6. Haralee says:

    Who doesn’t love a bargain? Sometimes at Macy’s I feel if I click my heels and repeat 3 times, “more discount”, the bargains appear!

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