What’s on your greatest hits list?

September 23, 2022

greatest-hitsSometimes, we can be so taken up with our day-to-day troubles, problems, challenges, that we forget how far we’ve really come. What we’ve accomplished.

Or maybe we minimize our wins. Our greatest hits.

And yet, we all have them. If we sat down to think about it, I’m sure we’d have a long list.

So, why not do that?

Take a moment today and think about all you’ve done. What you have accomplished. Both large and small. Heck, just getting up after a rough night and being fairly functional counts! But I know you’ve done bigger things. And I’ll bet if you listed them, the magnitude of your greatest hits would be stunning.

For example, here’s a bit of my list:

  1. Moved to a state where I knew no one and had no job, and built an entire career and life there.
  2. Adopted and loved a number of rescue animals.
  3. Published a number of personal essays in literary journals and anthologies.
  4. Do secret random acts of kindness and find a significant way to help people in need every month.
  5. Wrote and performed parts of a one-woman show.
  6. Studied and became a past-life regressionist, hypnotherapist, artisan candle-maker.
  7. Got a master’s degree.

And on…and on. Yep. I’ve got more. How about you?

Open a document, take out a piece of paper or your journal, and make a list of all of your accomplishments, big and small. Don’t stop until you’ve listed every single thing you’re proud of. What you’ve done on your journey.

Hang on to that greatest hits list and revisit it when you’re feeling low. Add to it when you’ve got a new accomplishment. Because I guarantee it’ll help you see yourself more clearly than you ever have. Oh, and I’d love to see a few of them in the Comments, below!
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8 comments on “What’s on your greatest hits list?
  1. Rena says:

    We were all taught not to applaud our own successes and I say bullshit. This is a great idea and the perfect pick-me-up completely drug-free!

  2. Laurie Stone says:

    Love this. We should all take time to think of the ways we’ve grown over the years. It’s too easy to list the negatives.

  3. Diane says:

    What a wonderful, positive idea!
    I’ll start with my most recent…I just finished writing my 30th novel!

  4. A really great idea. And since I’m a list maker it’s right up my alley. One on my list – visited all 50 US states. It was a goal of mine in my 20’s and I accomplished it a few years ago. Publishing a book is another on my list. Yeah… I like this idea!

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