Greetings from San Diego & BlogHer

August 4, 2011

I love a road trip. From packing the car, to making a picnic to enjoy on the road, to seeing new landscapes–I love everything about being on the road. Except the 8 hours it took us to get here, mostly on I-5.

“We’ll fly next time,” hubby said, and I agree. What was I thinking???

So here we are.

We northern Californians don’t think much of the southern part of our state. We are kind of snobs about it, actually. It’s hugely congested and smoggy, it’s numbingly sunny and of course, we believe everything about Los Angeles is superficial.

There’s a little truth in all of that. But southern California is also a resort destination, with beautiful, balmy weather, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze and beautiful beaches.

The BlogHer conference hotel is right at the harbor in San Diego. Right now, I’m looking out my huge window at several sailboats moving in gentle water, at the sun just starting to set on a warm evening and just below me, about a zillion boats.

Sessions begin tomorrow, with a day of extra content tacked on for those of us who can’t learn enough about the blogosphere. The actual conference activities will be on Friday and Saturday. I can choose from sessions offering technical help, design advice, blog development and content experts and many others.

Blogging is mostly a younger woman’s game, and as expected, most of the women here in the hotel seem to be in their 30s and 40s. I’m not sure how I got to be this age when I feel just like them. Still, I’m looking forward to sharing info and getting some great ideas for my own blog.

I hope everyone’s having as wonderful an evening as I am. Heading out to my balcony to look at the water now with a glass of wine. Til tomorrow!

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