Grief binds us together

February 18, 2012
Grief by Andrassy Kirta, Janos

Standing alone in her grief
for as long as it takes to remember
it is also a thing
that binds us together

A channeler once told me that one of my spirit guides is
a Native American woman, a healer, who told her that
I once had a time of deep sadness and grieving
and at night while I slept
she’d comb the tiny thorns of grief
out of my energy
piece by piece.

Grief feels so individual, personal and lonely
while you’re going through it.

But if you share your grief with those who love you
–and I do mean “share” in the truest sense —
you get clearly that grief IS one of those universals that connect us.

Until you’ve had to mourn someone or something
and come out the other side of the darkness,
you remain innocent of its power and its universality.

After that, you become a fuller member of a huge club:
the human race.

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