Guessing games

November 7, 2011

This is a story that usually I write in white ink,
but most people miss it
& start to read too much into it
& think it says something about life
they couldn’t figure out themselves.

So, now I write only
with stuff people can read
& say things as clearly as I can.

Like this:

don’t believe anyone
who writes with white ink
on white paper.
They have too much to hide.

Agendas, hidden agendas, secrets and lies:
integrity’s in short supply today.
We’re left to guess
or led down misleading paths
and waste a boatload of precious time in the process.

In the second half of life, we should be able
to trust ourselves (and others) enough
to say what we mean. What’s real for us.

Because we’re all way too old for guessing games.

2 comments on “Guessing games
  1. Anonymous says:

    I really think that a lot of peoples inability to speak clearly, conscientiously and honestly is because they are more worried about how others will percieve them instead of honoring their own truth and integrity through being honest.

    I personally know people who worry more about people will react to what they are saying then just getting down to brass tacks and saying it. People are afraid to offend others, they are afraid that someone will take what they say in a wrong way, etc. etc. etc. and in the long run they never speak their truth.

    I think once you definitively know yourself, know your truth and have time to practice and diolouge on it with safe people it becomes easier. We are NOT here to please every single person in the planet. We are here to be authentic and real. When you have the pleasure of really knowing yourself what you say, saying it and saying it in a way that is not offensive becomes easier.

    And there will be times when you tell your truth and a person will turn on you, reject you or no longer be in your life. When that happens it is ok, it is all part and parcel of becoming a self actualized person.

    If someone can not handle your truth they do NOT need to be in your life. People need to quit selling out to please other people and to learn to be authentic!


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