Hair yesterday, hair tomorrow

November 25, 2009

Is it too much, do ya think, to be really, really excited that your California hairstylist is still doing hair? Yes. I got a return text when I used her old cell number.

And although she is still in Scotts Valley, about 25 miles away from our new house, it would just give us an excuse to go to Santa Cruz every 6-8 weeks.

I love Karen. She’s smart, fun and very funny. Sitting in her chair, you don’t just get your hair done. It’s a fabulous chat session. There’s always something interesting going on in her world.

She gives the best shampoo in the world. I DREAM about her shampoos and scalp massage. Better than sex. Almost. I love the way she does hair. AndI love her whole person.

I’m unduly excited.

I probably should play harder to get, ya think?

One comment on “Hair yesterday, hair tomorrow
  1. Cheri says:

    I’m sorry for stalking, but I can’t help it! Anything “Scotts Valley” comes up on my Google Alerts, so that’s how how I found you.

    I’m publisher of the weekly newspaper in Scotts Valley. I recently wrote a column about how hard it is to find a hairdresser in a new place. I’m basically starting over here, and I’m a middle-aged diva, too!

    Anyway, if you’re ever in town, I’ll buy coffee!

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