Halloween devil or angel?

October 31, 2015

Devil or angelI’m thinking that Halloween might be more than a fun dress-up holiday. It’s a time when we can let loose with our inner freak or our inner angel. When, in the guise of a Halloween costume, we can let ourselves really be free, free to express any part of ourselves we like.

I’m thinking of the friend who loved dressing like a woman for Halloween back in the day, and later came out as a cross dresser.

I’m thinking of the kid who loved to be a super-hero on Oct. 31 and grew up to save lives in real ways.

And I’m thinking of the little girls who love being fairy princesses, me included, and wondering what it all means or if it means anything at all.

So, devil or angel? What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child and if you were to dress up today, what would you be?


20 comments on “Halloween devil or angel?
  1. As a young child I love being a princess. Eerily my brother and I were John and Jackie Kennedy a month before the assassination. In college I loved being a yellow Crayola crayon along with my dorm mates who were the rest of the colors.

    But I loved that my son was Elmo for 2 years in a row because he loved him so much. I love and miss Elmo, and trick-or-treating with my son!

  2. Karen Austin says:

    My favorite childhood costume was Little Red Riding Hood. Hmmm. So men are either noble rescuers are depraved wolves in my view? And I like to visit older women and bring them food? How about that?

  3. Sasha says:

    I wasn’t allowed to dress up as a kid so I do it as often as I can as an adult. This year….I’m going as Tonks from Harry Potter. Probably just says I love to ready and appreciate funky hair color.

  4. Lakisha says:

    I was the devil as a kid but not because of the reasons you think. My mom thought I was too messy to be dressed in white lol Today I will be prom queen, I just want to wear my dress again. haha

  5. Carol,
    I haven’t lived in a neighborhood since I was in college, so I’ve almost forgotten what Halloween is like. My homes have always had gates, and even when I’ve opened the gates, because I’m not in a traditional neighborhood, kids and their parents don’t come up my drive. I miss that. xoxox, Brenda

  6. Ellen Dolgen says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite childhood costume. However, I think I am still a little girl at heart. I love Halloween, Disneyland and all things playful and fun! I don’t like scary costumes….I have worn my Pooh Bear costume for the past 10 years. I do, also, have a “sexy” Pooh costume for adult parties!

  7. Laura Ehlers says:

    I recall dressing like a hobo many times…not sure what that means, except maybe it was the beginning of my longing to be a vagabond.

  8. The only costume I really remember was when I went trick or treating as a witch. In my menopausal moments these days, that seems very appropriate.

  9. I’m not a fan of this holiday, I must say. Back in the ’80’s we had a group of friends who had outrageous Halloween parties and that was fun. One guy was about 6’6″ and went as the Incredible Hulk one year. After the keg was about gone he said, “Wait, I forgot to show you the rest of the costume.” Then proceeded to unzip and let this ginormous green *penis* roll out and across the floor. It was a show stopper.

  10. Toni McCloe says:

    If I were to dress up for Halloween I’d dress as a witch. I ‘d just love to hide myself behind someone who cackles and doesn’t seem to give a damn!

  11. Lisa says:

    I’d like to dress as a marathon runner. Then I’d perhaps grow up to be one.

  12. Janie Emaus says:

    I think I dressed up as a hobo more times than I can remember. Today, I’d dress up as a hippie. But then, I wouldn’t have much dressing up to do!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I only remember dressing as a hobo, most years. We weren’t terrible creative back then. Now? I love wearing costumes ands have 4 boxes of them.

  14. Laurel Regan says:

    Interesting thought to ponder… I wonder if our costume choices really do say something about us?! I know that I gravitate away from gross or spooky costumes, which is pretty much in character for me.

  15. Brenda Pace says:

    I always preferred to be on the scary side so I’d have to opt for the devil. It’s great to think back. 🙂

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