Handling anxiety

September 5, 2012
Louise Hay wisdom card

It’s time for my annual physical, an event I approach with great trepidation.

I didn’t used to. Not until I went through that final year with my mother, with every single test unveiling some new horrific problem. After that, going to the doctor took on dark undertones.

As I age, my fears only grew worse. Friends diagnosed with bad things, even dying. I conveniently forget about those who have survived serious illness and even thrived afterwards. No, I get caught up with my anxiety, with frightful thoughts.

And let’s not even mention that if I really believed what I say I believe about life after death, then death should be celebratory. Sometimes, I do feel like that. But mostly, I feel  apprehension at annual physical time.

Louise Hay has some good advice for those of us who spin out on the worst possible scenario. On how to handle anxiety.

STOP IT.  That’s her advice.


Don’t take a small situation and make it monstrous, she writes, because anxiety just makes the situation worse.

Be there for yourself. Stop your mind from going wild.

It’s human nature, she admits it. We get a pain and we’re immediately planning our funeral. When someone doesn’t call, we feel we’ve been abandoned. Things don’t go well at work, we think we’ll be fired.

We build these things up in our minds.

STOP IT, she says.

 Frightening thoughts are negative affirmations and they’re counter-productive.  Instead, here’s what she suggests:

Find an image of something you love–a colorful sunset, cheery flowers, a fun sport, a place you enjoy visiting–and use it as a substitute.

Yes, we can elect to change the channel when negative thoughts come up.

Good advice. I think I’ll try it. Thanks, Louise Hay.

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