How you can use a healing journal to support healing

May 22, 2019

Have you ever heard of a healing journal? Let me explain:

It’s common wisdom–supported by actual studies– that stuffing our feelings about anything–including being sick– is counter-productive. It’s better to have a safe place to let those feelings out, rather than let them create fear and anxiety that impact your healing. Having gone through my own health scares, I know this all too well.


But how do we do that? It’s so much easier than you might think.

One effective means is  A Guided Journal for Healing: really, a supportive, gentle workbook.

It’s got prompts on every page that help you air and let go of emotions that can fester and harm your healing.  You can write, draw, outline, paint–however you express yourself. The 50-page book is spiral bound and compact enough to stuff in a large purse and take with you. Some take theirs to treatment so they can do something positive for their psyches as well while their bodies are treated.

It’s one of the most appreciated healing products I offer at A Healing Spirit and is often given as a thoughtful gift to friends who face a health challenge. But it’s a wonderful gift to yourself, too, if you could benefit from its healing pages.

Here are a few of the 50 pages of prompts in the workbook.


One of the hardest things we have to do is talk to our loved ones about our illness. Airing your feelings about that can help.


It’s difficult to be forced to change our usual routines and maybe even give up some activities. Letting those feelings out is important.


And some pages have suggestions for positive activities you can do to boost your spirits.

The short video illustrates how you can write, draw, collage, paint and express those private feelings that could stand in the way of feeling better.

If you’d like to know more, see my entire healing toolkit here at A Healing Spirit.

7 comments on “How you can use a healing journal to support healing
  1. Lauren says:

    I love mine! And I have had others order it as well!

  2. Rita says:

    It sounds very helpful. Thanks for creating it.

  3. Laurie Stone says:

    What a wonderful idea. Many grieving people aren’t sure where to focus their feelings and this would help a lot.

  4. It’s so beautifully produced. Thanks, Carol.

  5. Meryl says:

    Helpful and thoughtful, thank you.

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