Hell, yeah!

March 4, 2010

I’ve loved this song since I first heard it. Colin Hay has that rough kind of voice that carries thoughtful songs so well. This one’s called Waiting for my real life to begin and if you watch Army Wives, you might’ve heard it last season. Take a listen.

I know so many people who are marching in place, just waiting for their real life to begin. I was once one of them, long time ago. Long time ago.

When I realized what a waste of precious time it was, I changed my approach to life.

My friend S. lives his life in full-tilt boogie. I sometimes give him a hard time about his frenetic schedule, one that includes more travel than most of us have even contemplated. That, on top of some serious ailments that would keep lesser mortals down.

But fact is, I admire that he’s all about “hell, yeah!” He’s not waiting. He’s living his real life every single day.

And that’s something for us all to aim toward.

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