Help for winter skin & girly girl treats

December 9, 2009

It’s winter, and a woman’s thoughts can’t help but turn to moisturizer.

Yes, the cold temperatures and wind in many parts of the country present a skin care challenge for many of us, especially those of a certain age. Or those with sensitive skin.

I’ve made a real find, especially for winter. It’s Philosophy’s Purity facial cleanser, a soothing lotion that actually cleanses very well. Without drying sensitive skin.

The entire Philosophy line is excellent, one of the few that I believe is actually worth department store cosmetic pricing. And Purity is something I’m going to be using from here on out.

I am also a big fan of reasonably priced Olay Definity products, and use Definity intense hydrating cream for moisturizer.

Olay makes excellent products. I haven’t done a price per ounce comparison, but it always looks to me like their sizes are smaller than department store brands. So the price may or may not be as much a deal as it seems. But still nicely priced.

On the subject of products worth the money is L’Occitane’s rich, shea butter hand cream. It comes in various scents, including lavender, which I can’t stand. (too much once in Provence.) I like the regular honey-almond scent.

This is super-rich, and just the thing for winter. The tube is small enough to carry in a handbag.

My most favorite store of late is Sephora. It carries so many cosmetic lines it’s overwhelming, but it’s still fun to go experiment with different brands. The San Francisco store is my favorite, but there’s one I used to frequent in San Jose, and also one here in Tampa.

I treated myself to one of those ridiculous make-up kits with 36 eye shadow shades, four blushes, 12 lip glosses and two shading powders. I just couldn’t help it. This one is by Tarte, a line I haven’t tried.

I was blown away by how highly pigmented the eye shadows and blush were; a little goes a long way. The glosses are a little light, but still pretty.

The palette (see the photo) is packaged in a square plastic box with a truly tacky “bejeweled” cover. The box is nicely designed, except that there’s no pull for the lip gloss drawer.

Now chances are I will only use a few of the colors. But I might experiment with mixing colors, too. I won’t apologize for buying it; it really is a girly-girl treat and I deserve it.

If only I’d now throw out a few of the badly outdated things in my cosmetic drawer.

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