Easy ways that don’t cost a dime to help friends in business

February 22, 2023


Do you have a friend with a small business that you don’t patronize?

Maybe you’re not in the market for what they offer. Or maybe you’re not the target customer. Or can’t afford to buy their goods.

You can still help them in important ways that cost you nothing but a few seconds. And here they are:

Share the posts they make about their offerings on your own social media -with a sentence of two of support. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, IG. Just help them get the word out by sharing it on your own social outlets. It’s that easy and it costs you nothing. But it’s really a help to your friend.

Oh and if it’s an evergreen product, PIN PIN PIN!

Comment on posts they make about their own products. Did you know that comments are like gold on Facebook, IG and other social media? Comments show that people are interested in the post and so it goes around again in the feed. More people see it. Yes, your simple comment of four words or more has a huge impact. And it’s easy: “I just love this!”  “I want you to know about this!”  “Did you know about this?” Four words or more.

Did you even realize comments help push those posts out into the feed again? They’re valuable! and no cost at all to you. Try it!

Reactions STRONGER THAN LIKE on Facebook. If you do something other than like, such has LOVE or WOW, it has a bigger impact than a like. Again, it shows that the post has value to other Facebook users so it then appears more in other newsfeeds. It’s that easy. Click on something STRONGER THAN LIKE.

Go over to their business pages and LIKE them. Then, comment on posts there from time to time. I post on A Healing Spirit Facebook page a few times a day. I love getting comments! and likes! That pushes our posts out into the feed again.

Want to try it now? Just come like my page and comment on a post at https://www.facebook.com/ahealingspirit

I’ll bet you didn’t know it was that easy to help your friends with their business.

To summarize:

If you see a friend promoting their business on a social media post, make a comment of four words or more. And react with something stronger than LIKE.

Feeling generous? SHARE the post on your own social media with your own endorsement! That’s top level help–more people will see it!

Join their businesses pages and comment on them periodically.

It’s that simple.

We thank you.

Don’t forget: you can visit my Etsy shop right here and pick out some lovely, affordable gifts for those who need gentle support.

12 comments on “Easy ways that don’t cost a dime to help friends in business
  1. The added value of social media.

  2. I’ve published about the power of sharing and liking too. Readers just don’t seem to get it. And some writers too!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I will admit I haven’t been as great at Facebook. I prefer Instagram because seeing all those nasty conservative posts really ticks me off and puts me off Facebook. But I really should try to support my friends on there.

  4. Laurie Stone says:

    A great idea. Boosting someone else always feels good.

  5. Meryl says:

    Great suggestions. I have backed off Facebook, although still check it out, but try to connect and support on blogs and other social media.

  6. I’m not sure that many people who are not bloggers know how they can help others with their businesses so great tips.

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