Her Blondeness returns!

May 21, 2012
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It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.
Or what she’s doing at any given moment.

I’m writing a book. Just not the one I set out to write and not even the one it transformed into.

Originally, I planned to write about how M and I reconciled after being divorced for 30 years. No, not through Facebook. Or the internet. The old-fashioned way.

But really, what I wanted to write about was family. And how my search for it took me through three marriages, an almost-marriage and finally, right back where I started: with M.

I couldn’t get traction on it.

Partly it’s because I’m still living it. My family’s one of those that put the DYS in dysfunctional and I’m still figuring out how to write about it. Teacher said at the front end that this would be harder to write, and she was right about that.

Distance is needed, and I’m putting some between me and that topic for a while.

Instead, I’ve started something else.  Some of you may remember my alter-ego, Her Blondness, back when I was single. And blonde.  Her Blondeness had a fabulous middle-aged-romp through single life, full of interesting characters and crazy situations.

That’s what I’m writing now.

It’s funny. And way more fun.

I’m not giving up, just changing the conversation for a while.

I’ll get back to the other when I’ve had some time away from it.

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