Herbed rainbow carrots

December 2, 2015


This easy herbed rainbow carrots dish (organic, of course) was a big hit with company the other night. It’s so simple!  Rainbow carrots are bit more earthy-tasting and they make such a pretty presentation.

This is one of those easy recipes where you really just eyeball how much seasoning you use, depending on your taste. But here are the basics:

Herbed Rainbow Carrots

A bunch or two of rainbow carrots
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter
Quarter cup of cooking sherry
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
Rosemary & thyme to taste (I used just a little dried,  but a smaller amount of fresh works, too. You just don’t want them to overpower the dish. You can also leave them out, entirely)

Cut the carrots in the diagonal, two inch pieces so they cook more quickly. If your yellow carrots are fat at the head like the one above, slice down the middle, too.

Steam the carrots until tender. You can do this ahead and refrigerate them, and add the seasonings when you reheat just before serving.

Heat the butter in a skillet. Add the sherry, sugar and seasons and meld the mixture. Pour the carrots in and toss till coated and warmed.

Serve and wait for the compliments!

This easy herbed carrots recipe is a great holiday dish but easy for every day, too. A small serving is more than enough as a side dish, since it’s such a sweet treat.


27 comments on “Herbed rainbow carrots
  1. Caroline says:

    How clever and this sounds so yummy

  2. Katarzyna says:

    Never tried rainbow carrots, and now I’m really tempted to! I hope I can find them somewhere where I live 🙂

  3. andi says:

    sounds like a really tasty dish – and one that could probably be cooked all times of the year 😀

  4. Phyllis says:

    OMG! I have never even heard for rainbow carrots and I LOVE carrots! This sounds so yummy. I will be trying it out for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So beautiful and yummy. Love the colors!

  6. WendysHat says:

    Oh YUMMY! I absolutely love carrots and the colorful ones are so pretty. Cooking simple with fresh ingredients is the key to perfect flavor too.

  7. andi says:

    they look really delicious – and the recipe looks so easy to make 😀

  8. Rainbow carrots are my favorite!! So pretty and impressive!

  9. Roz Warren says:

    Great timing! I just enjoyed a rainbow carrots side dish very similar to this one at a terrific restaurant while vacationing in California and I was wondering about: l) how to get hold of rainbow carrots and 2) how to prepare them. (I hope you only use your mind-reading powers for good, Carol.)

  10. I’ve never cooked rainbow carrots before, but I’ve eaten them, and it’s amazing how that unexpected color makes a meal feel that much more elegant!

  11. Carolann says:

    We just love carrots and my daughter is a vegetarian so this will go over big in my house! Going to try it soon too!

  12. Jeanine says:

    I had no idea there was such thing as rainbow carrots. That is pretty cool. We don’t eat carrots often.

  13. Donna says:

    Thyme and rosemary are my go to herbs. They make chicken sing…..I use it to baste (we have tons of it right outside the door) and then I use it to garnish. And carrots are a fav, i hadn’t thought of this idea, so I will be using it right away!! xxoo

  14. Brianna says:

    I love the colors of those carrots. SO pretty. They sounds delicious too.

  15. I have never, ever seen rainbow colored carrots. I can only imagine how colorful they look on the table. I will ask for them at the grocery store.

  16. Elizabeth O. says:

    Carrots are one of my most favorite veggies! Sweet and crunchy! This recipe would be awesome during the holidays, it’s simple to do as well!

  17. RaNesha says:

    Sounds delicious great idea. Yummy

  18. Kimberly says:

    These would be so fun to plant in the garden and the fresh flavor would be outstanding. Thanks for the tasty recipe Carol!
    Kimberly XO

  19. Those are some pretty carrots and the recipe sounds good—simple and healthy!

  20. Nicole Escat says:

    Loving the colors of this carrots, its so beautiful. This also sounds a yummy dish. I’m going to try this very soon. Thank you for sharing.

  21. So pretty and sounds yummy too! I love carrots and I’ve seen these colorful carrots in our farmers market.. will get them next time and try your recipe.

  22. This recipe is so easy to make and I will give a try to make it my kitchen too!! Thanks for sharing.

  23. I’ve not seen them, but I would love to try them. I’ll be on the lookout for them though. I love carrots! Thanks for the recipe.

  24. Hi Carol, Thank you for sharing your healthy and delicious Herbed Rainbow Carrot recipe with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green & Natural Party! I’m pinning and sharing this wonderful post!

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