Herding skool’z in session!

June 22, 2010

I finally loaded the puppy video from Scotland via Youtube. Explanation below. Enjoy!

This was the sheepdog demonstration in Scotland. The big dogs were incredibly well-trained to move the sheep any way the herder commanded. Each dog had its own set of commands for Left, Right, etc. They could even pick specific sheep out of the pack at his command.

There were about half a dozen small puppies around the farm. They were all cute. But one particular 8-week old puppy stole the show.

You’ll see him on the video. The shepherd is busy demonstrating how well the big dogs work. But that’s just background. The real show is the puppy. He decided he wanted to herd with the big dogs and he just joined the fray.

The shepherd says the big dogs don’t start training with sheep until they’re a year old. But this little guy is clearly smart. He was the only pup that actually inserted himself in the mix and he was already stalking and trying to herd, mimicking the big dogs.

It was absolutely adorable. All the laughter and commentary you hear in the background is about the puppy, because all eyes were riveted to him.

Overall, the demo was amazing. You can see it on the sidelines if you watch the big dogs and listen to the shepherd’s commands.

The herder really touched us when he said: “These dogs are pets, no, they are more than pets. They’re friends. You’d have to go a long way to have a friend as good as these dogs are.”

Yes. Any dog owner would agree.

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