High heels or no?

July 19, 2016

high-heelsMy happy place is Macy’s shoe department in San Francisco. I could spend hours in there, and have. My nearby Macy’s can’t even compare to the breadth and style, but was all I had the other day, when I felt like wandering around, hoping to find something I could actually wear.

“Actually wear” are key terms today, because not only have my feet gone up a size with age, but I have no tolerance for uncomfortable shoes. That means I won’t be wearing high heels ever again.  It’s not that I ever loved them, because to be honest, they were always painful to wear. But I am no longer willing to suffer for fashion.

The day I zoomed over to the mall, I was looking for a pair of wedges. You know, comfortable shoes that provide a little height. Because at my last physical I was almost an inch shorter. How did that happen? I have no idea. We measured three times because I couldn’t believe it and neither could my doctor’s assistant. I say it’s when M. shut the garage door on my head and I got a compression injury two years ago. That’s my thought. Well, nothing to be done about it except wear wedges.

Now, I have no idea what has happened to Macy’s shoe department at Valley Fair, my local mall, because the shoes were, well, let me show you because words don’t do them justice.


Now, there is absolutely no circumstance under which I would wear a pair of shoes like this. I mean, I tried to think it through. Certainly not at any of the very cool Silicon Valley companies around here. Or out to dinner. I can’t think of a single occasion what would warrant a pair of platform stilettos emblazoned with WOW! and OH!  And yet, there they were, on sale at Macy’s. Someone must buy them. Right?

2016-07-11 11.53.55
As a child of the 60s, I love me some tie dye. I really do.
And yet….

high-heels These were really puzzling. The pink pompoms looked like they belonged on a pair of bedroom slippers to be paired with a pastel pink nylon “shortie” nightgown circa 1957. Think Doris Day in Pajama Game.  I mean. Where would you wear these? And did you notice the price? That’s Shoe Barn pricing. And Shoe Barn shoe. I mean, Macy’s, WTF??

Now, I had to take a closer look at these.
2016-07-11 10.56.03They really are a work of art.  However:

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but nylon stockings and pantyhose are out of style. Oh yes. Women are meant to be bare-legged at all times. Even in their stilettos. This requires us to be shaved, tanned and toned at all times. No unsightly veins or puckers of cellulite, all those little imperfections that used to be covered up by silky pantyhose. Nope.

Now, I love the silky feel of hosiery and I think it’s hella sexy. But in the case of these shoes, stockings would be a nightmare.

Because if you crossed your ankles once, or even lightly brushed your hose against this shoe? You’d rip the hosiery to shreds.

But these shoes are pretty to look at. I might frame them, even. But I wouldn’t wear them.

So this is what some men want us to wear. This model and the one at the top of this post. The one in which the woman’s foot is at an unnatural angle so that when she walks–IF she could walk–her butt is pushed unnaturally out. Yeah, every man’s dream.

Now, let’s get real. This is fetish wear. Because any woman would look ridiculous going out in these things. If she could even walk in them.

These are meant for horizontal wear only. Which is the only way I would consider wearing them.

So here’s the truth. I just found a few pairs of fabulous suede heels I bought in London years ago and wore a handful of times. I looked them over, slipped them on my feet and then, sent them to a consignment store.

Because in my current life, I have no need for them. They were too tight now that my foot has gone up a size. They weren’t comfortable. They were NEVER comfortable.

It’s been a very long time since I was willing to suffer for fashion.


34 comments on “High heels or no?
  1. ryder ziebarth says:


  2. Jennifer says:

    I see young women wearing these and feel sorry for them. Their feet will pay the price. To be honest, lots of these just say “hooker” to me. But then, I’m hitting sixty.

  3. They would make a nice centerpiece on a table but I could never wear them on my feet. Flats for me. I also lost an inch. What’s up with that?

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous – in a museum! I am a flats girl all the way and it takes a lot to get me out of my sneakers!

  5. I love looking at heels but I seldom wear them and when I do, I last about 20 minutes and I’m ready to get rid of them. I can tell you that they would make a great torture method. I would spill the beans within 20 min, less if the heels were really high. High heels can also cause issues with your feet.

  6. STACEY says:

    I’m with you, Carol.

  7. Amy Jones says:

    Those are some funny looking heels. I love how I look with them but they end up KILLING me after 20 minutes

  8. hillsmom says:

    No way Jose! It annoys me no end that women seem willing to suffer, and I do mean suffer, for the so-called fashion industry. Well, I have to laugh that “fashion” is catching up for men.My DH accidentally bought a shirt which doesn’t have chest pocket…this drives him crazy. Now many men are wearing suits which look too small to moi. It’s probably to save on material, but the skinny trousers make them look like spider legs. 😎 Sorry to digress. However, women who like to run around on their tiptoes, most likely will have big problems later on in life. The choice is yours

  9. Elizabeth O. says:

    Are we back in the 80’s with those colorful pumps? I think it’s a bit too much for most women. I prefer wedges as well, because they’re comfy and I don’t have to fake liking it, just to look good in public, lol! I think these are too much for me especially the polka dotted one with pink pompoms.

  10. Definitely high heels!! Those in the last picture are awesome.

  11. Vyjay says:

    High heels look fabulous, however in the long run they are not good for health reasons.

  12. Karlyn Cruz says:

    Wow, these are so nice high heels but I am not sure if I can wear them. I am afraid that my toes will get hurt again!

  13. Courtney Gillard says:

    I like these high heels! I like the uniqueness of these shoes! It would be so nice to wear them.

  14. Liz Mays says:

    All I can see when I look at a shoe like that is pain. I can practically feel my arch screaming!

  15. Barbara says:

    There was a time…but it has long since passed. Being vertically challenged, I’ve worn platforms and heels a lot in my life but, at my age I really don’t want to break a hip!

  16. Tonee says:

    I love all of these shoes!! Beautiful designs!!!

  17. Kathy says:

    I love how heels look, but I just can’t wear them. I haven’t really tried heels though, but I would love to. I think many of them are so lovely. I have a hard time walking in them, but I’m sure it would get easier if I kept trying.

  18. Amazing styles of shoes. Love all of them. So stylish and colorful!

  19. Robin Rue says:

    Even though those shoes are beautiful, they can stay right there. Not on my feet 😛

  20. Jay Simms says:

    I have never been a very girly girl and so these shoes would probably kill me. If I could rock them, I would.

  21. Sarah Bailey says:

    Painful is all that really comes to mind when I see these. Even though I agree that they are works of art, I don’t think that my feet are the right place to display it. Maybe someone else with lots of practice lol

  22. Rosemond says:

    I still love high heels but definitely not the professional lady of the evening look. Some of these shoes you saw look like cartoons! I have to admit too that my heel height is declining as my age is going in the opposite direction!

  23. Melissa Bernardo says:

    Oh my! These shoes are gorgeous! I wouldn’t be able to wear those big black and red ones. Whoa!

  24. I am always willing to suffer for fashion lol, I am only in flats for work. The rest of the time I am in heels.

  25. Echo says:

    I love the look of some heels. However, I don’t wear them. Never have.

  26. Berlin says:

    I used to be too comfortable with high heels when i was working before. Now that i have a baby to wear when I go out, i prefer flats. I miss wearing high heels though and still wear them when my baby does not join me.

  27. Leanne says:

    I love the look of high heels, but I’m tall and I tower over everyone (husband included) when I wear them. It’s been so long since I put on a high pair that I can’t even stand or walk in them without wobbling – must be a sign of getting past the sexy shoe stage…

  28. Linda Hobden says:

    I love looking at high heels – I do like buying them – the ones in my wardrobe are in pristine condition because I rarely wear them ???? I spend every day in flats – school run, shopping, walking, festivals, concerts – living in a rural area too the roads are not ideal for walking along in heels either! ???? Such a shame!

  29. Lindi Mogale says:

    I love high heels as evident by my blog name I love how they make me look, but as soon as I have had kids I have started being a les obsessed about them because I cant really walk with them carrying a toddler

  30. Kendra says:

    I love the tie dye looking shoes. I feel so uncomfortable not wearing heels when I go out for the evening dancing, but other than that I wear flat shoes.

  31. sue says:

    I loved heels but have become very boring. Living in Queensland it is a very casual and relaxed lifestyle so not much call for heels. I went to a wedding in May and all the women were wearing heels. We were tottering all over the place and saying how we rarely wear heels any more! I do think they are sexy and elegant though.

  32. I hate to shop,except for shoes, which I love to buy. I have never been into heels much due to my intolerance for discomfort and can only wear the slightest of heels ever since I broke my foot 3 years ago. Luckily it wasn’t a big loss for me, since I buy very cute comfy shoes that do nothing for my butt. I do think these shoes in your post are lovely to look at but agree with you, they could only be worn on the horizontal. 🙂

  33. Silly Mummy says:

    Before I had kids, I always wore heels. All my shoes were at least 3inch heels, going out shoes higher. I could walk miles in heels with no problems. I always wore thick platform heels with rounded toes though, never stilettos or pointy toes. I think that helped with comfort & ease of walking. Now I never wear heels. I wear flats all the time. Heels & toddlers don’t go well together!

  34. hahah I would say my big sister is a heel junkie. She’s obsessed with shoes lol so any present I get her is either heels, wine or a story. It was great reading more about Macy’s i’ve always wanted to know what the hype is with that store and your love for it shines through.

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