Holiday atrocities

December 20, 2016

holiday-atrocitiesHoliday atrocities? Oh yeah. This is the first year I’ve seen some horrific things at our usual Christmas tree lot, and I simply had to share. Because, well, they are pretty atrocious.

holiday-atrocitiesWell, it was bound to happen. Pink.

Pink is not a Christmas color.

Pink is for newborn baby girls.

An alternative to red for Valentine’s Day.

And it’s the color of baby pigs.

holiday-atrocitiesYeah, I’d put caution cones up, too, if I had to have this tree.

Pink is not the color of a Christmas tree.

But if there’s pink, you KNOW they had to do blue.

holiday-atrocitiesI could see this little blue tree in the room of a newborn baby boy.  One who was born Christmas week.  But only Christmas week.

Otherwise, this tree should be burned.

Just saying.

holiday-atrocitiesWhen I saw this tree I had no fuc*ing idea what it was.  I stared at it a very long time and still couldn’t figure it out. It’s just so…strange.

So  I asked.

“It’s an Oakland Raiders tree gone bad,” our guy said. “It didn’t work out.”

Nope. It didn’t.

But here are some festive holiday decorations that DID work out.

holiday-atrocitiesWe started doing this last year. I love it. They’re stars.

holiday-atrocitiesI love that they’re lit from within at night, too.

I would show you our Christmas tree, which was gorgeous. Until it fell over and we had to pronounce it dead for the season.

How about you? What holiday atrocities have you seen in your wanderings?





25 comments on “Holiday atrocities
  1. Atrocities indeed. I love your stars!

  2. Debbie D. says:

    Your star lights are gorgeous! Shame about your tree. Hope you were able to get another one. Yes, the pink or any other colour except green Christmas trees are not my taste, either. What’s wrong with those people? 😛 Wishing you all the best for the holidays!

  3. I first saw pastel flocked trees when I was a kid living in Texas. Coming from Maine (The Pine Tree State), I never got (and still don’t get) the appeal. They ARE atrocious. I also get a kick out of the homes that put every possible Christmas character on the front lawn–a nativity scene, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Santa and his elves…but on the plus side, maybe it’s a metaphor for co-existence? P.S. Your stars are lovely.

  4. Rena says:

    This are truly hideous! Love the lights though. Our tree fell over one year when the kids were little and handyman husband (not) tied fishing line around and nailed it to the wall!

  5. Oh my goodness, those trees did seem quite awful. I bet if the right creative person got ahold of them though they could do something with them to make them spectacular…and less pink. 😉 That archway/courtyard is stunning!

  6. Barbara says:

    I remember the year my mother, (the antithesis of Mrs. Claus), put up a silver tree with a color wheel light that projected onto the tree. Talk about a cold Christmas!
    Your entry looks beautiful, Carol.

  7. So ugly they’re cute? Haha, not so much! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Those Christmas trees! OMG! I guess it takes all types and personalities but give me a traditional tree any day! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking but its their Christmas, let em have it!

  9. Amber Myers says:

    Eek about those trees. So not my taste. But I do like those lights!

  10. Jen Monks says:

    I agree with the “baby pigs” comment. I think the pink and blue trees look like the alien muppets on Sesame Street. The ones that said, “Yep, yep, yep” or “Nope, nope, nope” to everything. Funny post!

  11. Funny. Christmas is always full of weirdness at my house….one year Santa dropped my son’s Fire Engine in the ocean! He left a letter, and delivered it a few days later!

  12. kelly reci says:

    haha the pink tree looks cute tho? hehe maybe they were just trying something new for this christmas! lol star lights are so cute too! i have one at homet oo

  13. Wren says:

    Those trees are certainly atrocious! Who even thought that was a good idea? I love your star lights, they are fun, festive and unique.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I suppose everything is beautiful to someone; we’ve all got different tastes (but I would not put any of those trees in my house, lol!)

  15. Elizabeth O. says:

    Well, there’s no denying that people go a little crazy over the Holidays especially when it comes to their decorations. I haven’t seen anything as bad as that burnt Christmas tree though. That’s terrible!

  16. To be honest, I don’t think the pink and blue trees are bad! I find it pretty artsy and great for those wanting to have their own Christmas tradition. A guy I went to highschool with said their dad used a Cactus as a Christmas tree. I think that’s pretty cool, too! 🙂 The Oakland Raiders one tho…def a fail lol I thought it was a dead coral reef :/

  17. Chloe says:

    Hahah these trees have made my night, the Oakland one looks like it got caught in a fire! Thankyou for giving me a laugh this fine evening 🙂

  18. Tyler says:

    hahaha this was hilarious to read! Thanks!


  19. Karlyn Cruz says:

    While blue and pink surprised me, the gray one just made me feel all gray about Christmas in general. As for my side, fortunately the only atrocious thing around here is our will power to continue decorating, hah.

  20. Our Family World says:

    A dark Christmas tree is just horrible, no matter how bright the star can be. But nothing could be dimmer than Christmas without anyone dear with you.

  21. Ellie says:

    Haha this post madame giggle! Those pink and blue trees are truly hideous lol! Your stars look so beautiful, a lovely Scandinavian Christmas decor look to them!


  22. Cristina L. says:

    Those are o weird and the Oakland Raiders tree is really really bad. I wonder what was in their mind to let it stay there, like it’s a good idea or something. Really weird.

  23. Anne says:

    Those trees are not like Christams trees. Horrible. The decor is pretty , specially the star lights so lovely.

  24. Kait says:

    I really love the flocked trees! They remind me of a winter wonderland!

  25. ohmummymia says:

    I love that pick one:D I could have it:)

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