Holiday gift guide: early edition

November 16, 2012

Black Friday’s a comin’ and it’s time for one of my annual holiday gift guides. Since holiday decorations are already up, I don’t feel at all guilty about it, either.

Fat, glossy catalogs are arriving daily and I have to admit that I like paging through them much better than I like reading catalogs online. I’ve run across some great, inexpensive gift ideas online as well as in stores, and I’m ready to share.

French organic popcorn in interesting flavors, like black truffle and white cheddar, chipotle and caramel  and almonds fleur de sel caramel–sounds sooo good. I can’t eat popcorn, but I think these speciality flavors make a nice gift. The corn’s made in an interesting way, too. Best of all, they’re a high quality gift that’s affordable: 12 single-serve packages for $19 –or two large and two small bags of different varieties for only $16. Click caption for link.


Winter’s just about here, as people in the northeast who have been dealing without power found out all too quickly. Fluffy, fuzzy sleep socks in sherbet pastels are just the ticket, I think. Do you like to sleep in them? I do, and what fun to have them in pretty colors that match your pjs. If possible.  You can find them everywhere, but these are in the Soft Surroundings catalog.

Ok, the most unique, cute-as-hell thing I’ve seen in a log time are these fabulous Bath Diva shower caps. I use the scores of hotel shower caps that have piled up from our many trips, but am tempted to buy this one.

Or one of these below. Aren’t they cute? Very retro. I think they’d make a fun and surprising gift. Just $18-20, depending on where you buy them.

You can find them all over on line, just search for Bath Diva. Which would you pick?

Did you know that angora is eight times warmer than wool?  A few pairs of these soft angora socks would be both pretty and practical.  Cute with jeans. I don’t know why, but I’m drawn to pink these days and that’s the color I like best.

 I was wandering around Macy’s the other day and found some unique crystal paperweights. Take a look, below.

Kate Spade, $30

Not super-cheap but that one, above, definitely has someone’s name on it. Maybe even mine. And there are other designs, too. One that is a crossword puzzle; another that screams seize the day!

Villeroy & Boch, on sale Macy’s $14,99

I love to give Christmas stuff for birthdays and events earlier in the year, so recipients can enjoy them when the holidays come. I love this delightful little porcelain Christmas box in the shape of a cupcake. And I know who’d love it.

By the way, if you have a Macy’s account, they send the best discount coupons all the time–every week and then every month. Sales galore, too. This is the time to use them! If you don’t speak arithmetic (I am not very fluent any more), the clerks are great about helping you figure out which coupon offers the best deal.

Villeroy & Boch, on sale, Macy’s, $8.99

Many people don’t buy these holiday-themed bowls and dishes for themselves. The right person might really love this little bowl–only $8.99–as a hostess, birthday or holiday gift.  I just gave someone with an October birthday some Christmas candles that I know she’ll use next month.

Any ideas you’d like to share? Add them, below.  I’ll have more budget-friendly holiday gift ideas in future posts.

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