May holiday spirit be with you all year round

December 24, 2022

I’ve had reason to think long and hard about holiday spirit this season and even to have a discussion about it with a dear friend. So here’s what I want to say:

We are our brother’s keeper.

Things between people work or they don’t work. Timing is good or it isn’t. Forgiveness is given or it isn’t.

But love is always love.

We are supposed to be there for each other in love and in kindness. In good times and bad, but especially when others are in need.

We are, in fact, our brother’s keeper.

Not everything works out like a story book. Most of us do not live a fairy tale. We are complicated creatures.

But that does not mean things can’t work out in their own functional dysfunctionality, if we remember one thing:

Love is always love.

May the holiday spirit remain with us all all year around and infuse all parts of our lives and the world.

Speaking of love & kindness, an opportunity to show both to someone in need awaits: all our beautiful gifts and tools for grief and healing ARE HALF OFF THIS MONTH, right HERE.


6 comments on “May holiday spirit be with you all year round
  1. It’s what makes the world go round for sure!

  2. It’s been a difficult Christmas for us, for one reason or another, Carol. This year, I chose to pray for family and friends I’ve lost over the years. Thank you for the reminder that love is the key!

  3. Diane Tolley says:

    I SO agree with this! There can always be Love!

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