The spirits showed off. And delivered cool info.

July 14, 2014



To my friends who worry that this is the work of the devil, be assured it is not. God/Divine/Source is ALL over this work.

May I open my mind to receive wisdom from higher powers & allow their guidance to lead me to peace & tranquility all the days of my life.

That’s really what we want right? Peace and tranquility. Oh, and maybe a little information.  And to answer the question, do mediums really communicate with the afterlife?

So when 10 of us gathered in my living room the other night for a two-hour session with a medium, anything–or nothing–could happen. Are mediums real? I believe they are. But some days readings are just off. That was my fear. The truth is, when this medium was at my house last year, my friends got amazing readings, but my own was just ok. That’s the way it is sometimes. You get what you get. I hoped for something more fulsome this time.

I knew enough to set my intention for the session–that worked well when I was at the Afterlife Conference in Portland last month. Since I hadn’t heard from my mother in a long time,  I asked that she come forward at the Afterlife Conference, and she did. In a big way.

This time, though I wanted to hear from my guides. Guides are a relatively new concept for me and only one had identified herself to me. What about my others? Who were they? What were they helping me with?  I asked that my guides come forward  and mentioned my intention to M.

virgin wall

This stuff is not incompatible with traditional religious belief. It is, however, a more expansive view of spirituality than organized religions have.

Hollister began by looking right at me:

“You’ve been asking for guides and guidance, haven’t you? Because a lot of guides are showing up around you.”

I got chills and looked over at M. His eyes widened. He’s never been a big believer and I think the spirits were showing off a little for him. As in Ok, let’s give him a big validation.

She went on. “You may be moving into something new, drawing the metaphysical into it. Afterlife may have a part in it, your interest in it and your sensitivity to it.  So, do you teach?”

All my friends started laughing. Yes, I teach. College. Workshops. Yes. I’m a teacher.

“Because it feels as though there might be a teaching element to what you decide to do next, maybe consciousness teaching.  Your guides just put a whole lot of books at your feet, indicating that this is a time of study. If you are not already reading these books, you will be.”

Those books have been arriving for months and yes, I’m reading them.

“I see the hands of Reiki over your head and that tells me that you are working with or trying to understand the energy of the universe, almost scientifically trying to understand it. Does that make sense?”

Boy, does it. Reiki and cranial-sacral work  played big roles in my recovery from a compression injury and shamanism–the subject of a weekend workshop I just took– is energy healing, too.  As my sister-from-another-mother who is my Reiki practioner  –and who has my same new age interests–said with a little disbelief, when I told her that part: “Get outta here!”  That’s New Jersey talk for “You’re kidding me!”

Cover to cosmology journal

Cover to journal I was drawn to at the Afterlife Conference.

Your guides are on board for all of this, because this is the time for everything to mainstream. No longer woo-woo, strange, peculiar, where there is science to back it up. So you have scientific guides and metaphysical guides both with you.”

Bing! Right on the money. I’ve been seeing the shift to mainstream and have spent countless hours discussing these concepts and the science behind them with my scientist-nephew. Seeking the science was a huge part of what interested me from the start and especially at the Portland conference. Remember my encounter with Dr. Gary Schwartz at 6am in my nightshirt? He’s a researcher.

“You know, in the Renaissance, very often those who studied the heavens had a metaphysical side to them. They were creating cosmology, how the heavens were created, so I feel there could be a cosmology element to what you’re doing.”

Did you read the caption on the photo above?  Let’s take a closer at that journal I was drawn to:

cosmology labelI didn’t even know what cosmology was last month but I kept looking at this blank journal in the makeshift bookstore at the conference. I bought the last one for my nephew and they offered to bring me another from their Portland store so I could buy one also for myself. This one’s mine.  Cosmology. No, there are no coincidences.

“You have new guides coming in–scientific guides and metaphysicians are working with you: Pythagoras, Galileo, Nostradamus-and you may be drawn to certain scientists working today. You might be looking at the old stuff and seeing how the new stuff will inform that.”

Again, right on the money. Raymond Moody, MD, Phd and Stafford Betty, PhD both covered some of the old stuff and I found it hard going, but fascinating.

“Science and metaphysics are showing up together–be encouraged! This is exciting! What started as an interest may inform a career for you. How interesting is that?

I’ve been looking at how science melds with the spiritual world for a very long time. So, quite cool that this is happening. And then, the question that brought down the house:

“So, were you also thinking about doing some writing of your own? All of a sudden all these words showed up around your head. I feel as though you’ll be inspired to do some writing that might start as a blog but will end up as a book.”

Laughter in the room.

“Huge applause for you from the spirit world–when I hear that it means someone is where they are supposed to be. You are on the right track.”

Those were the broad strokes of what happened for me.  It was more than I’d hoped for and better than I could have dreamed. There’s no question that I’ve felt the shift in my life and it’s ramped up in the past year. But, what will I do with it?

I’m resurrecting an idea I had six years ago for a weekend workshop. At the time, I didn’t carry it further–it was the wrong time and I had the wrong partner. A little market research is necessary first, to see if it has legs. I may not do that. But I will do something new and different.

crossFinally, I do know that some of you feel that this work is not of God. I honor your belief and your concern. I want you to know that my own belief is that this work is very much of God and from God. It’s got the hand of the Divine all over it.  I’ve never felt so spiritually fulfilled as I do at this stage of my life and have never felt the hand of God so strongly. My belief is that there are many paths all leading to the same place. You don’t have to believe as I do to get there.  God speaks to each of us in the voice we understand.  This is the voice that I understand.

Got questions? Comments? Share away!

And blessings.

46 comments on “The spirits showed off. And delivered cool info.
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    SO fascinating, Carol. This is good work.Expansive work. if you bring this East, I can put you up in our cottage. I would be a willing participant. God speaks to us in so many ways, we just have to be open to them.

  2. Estelle says:

    I am a believer. I also saw a new job recently a spiritual counselor helping people in hospitals and hospices. I believe your teaching can lead others down that path.

  3. Barbara says:

    I’m so happy to read your telling here of the gathering of spirit guides to assist you in your journey and want to bless your feet as you step further onto this path.

  4. Jackie says:

    I think anything that points you in the right direction, gets you to where you’re supposed to be, is a good thing. Neither I nor anyone else has any right to tell you what to believe or how to practice said beliefs — good for you for finding the path that works for you!

    I’m sure that whatever you are supposed to learn from this and other similar experiences you will use for the betterment of others. You’re just that kind of chick!

    That being said, “Get Outta Here!” is, indeed, Jerseyspeak for “You’re Kidding Me?” I laughed out loud at that sentence 🙂

  5. kim tackett says:

    Wowza…they’re talking to you girlfriend! I have some other beliefs that coincide with this…too much to write in a comment box (and before my second cup of coffee), but I am excited to talk with you more when we meet up in real life at BlogHer! That’s for sharing your journey with us.

  6. Lana says:

    “My belief is that there are many paths all leading to the same place” – yes, yes, yes – brilliant statement! The more open we are, the more we hear. What an amazing reading!

  7. Thanks for the perfect reading at the beginning of a hectic week.

  8. Carol,
    Thank you for sharing this. I needed it on many levels.

    Though I’ve never been a true disbeliever of the spiritual world that walks among us, I have always been a skeptic. Until the day I gave my very first speech about my work with The Five Facets, which began the day my son died. After the presentation, a woman whom I’d known peripherally approached me. What she said made me a true believer.

    She said, “I don’t normally do this, but your son is here.” And then she went on to tell me he was showing her things that no one else on the planet could know, except for me and my husband and my mother, who buried the obscure object with my boy.

    That night, on the way home, I saw my son sitting next to me in the car. That was the 2nd time he presented himself to me, the first being many years prior, when he was just a young lad himself. The first time? I thought I was either dreaming or delusional. The second time? I smiled.

    Thank you for modeling courge and for giving me a place to share…

    Yours in healnig, hope, and happiness,

  9. Haralee says:

    Seems right on target. Very exciting for you. Nice you venture out with company.

  10. You know how I feel about it! You are right where you are supposed to be at the right time! I feel as if this will be your new career path and that it will pay off end in a multitude of ways, not only financially but spiritually and I will be first in line! Had to be a magical night for you and I am so happy for you!

  11. Tammy says:

    An open mind and an open heart lead to incredible places. But we must be willing to consider the possibilities. I strive for it. Always. Blessing to you in this quest. It’s all so very exciting.

  12. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Carol, this is why I thought of you when I read Sukey Forbes’ memoir. Her experience with mediums truly have inspired me to keep an open mind.

  13. Ruth Curran says:

    With big wisdom comes great responsibility Grasshopper — learning from the masters of science brings the whole “all that is” picture into better focus. From one recovering business programmed thinker to another, we might find comfort in the order of the Universe — the woo – woo makes sense when we put it in the perspective of order. I am looking forward to sharing a journey!

    • Me, too, girl! Yes, it is so daunting. The Pythagorean Sourcebook arrived and I flipped it open to find this: “start no new venture with out invoking the help of the spirits” or something like that. It really is going to be a rockin’ journey, of that I am certain!

  14. I have always believed but was terrified since the last medium I went to until recently told me a loved one was in danger. My brother died violently that night.
    Recently I called a medium randomly and she said “Wow you must have lost a lot of loved ones there are so many people screaming to speak with you.” There was no way she could have known that I lost my father, my best friend and another close friend within weeks.
    I am so glad I’m not afraid anymore.

    • That is such an impactful experience. I can’t even imagine being told something like that and then it coming to pass that night. It does, though, demonstrate that there are forces at work that mainstream hasn’t accepted, but that are real nonetheless. I am so glad you’re not afraid any more. In fact, what came to miind as I read it was “Be not afraid…” Hugs, Doreen.

  15. Diane says:

    Fascinating! You insights and experiences are so amazing!

  16. Terrye says:

    That is so cool that you are getting validation that you are on the right path! Good luck on your journey!

  17. Donna says:

    I had to look up Pythagoras.

    I am a firm believer in God, I honor all travelers, and I am very curious about what we can find. Since I believe God is the scientist I do the same thing that you do, I look for energy. Energy is where the truth is, it is where the answers are.
    I honor your journey as I have had definite experiences which leave me without doubt that life goes on.

  18. I got chills just reading this.

  19. No questions, but it sure sounds like you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.

  20. Mary Anne says:

    Wow-you have inspired me to look in to this more -enjoyed this -how lucky are you!?

  21. Suzy says:

    I’m a believer and oh wow that was an awesome session. Looks like you are on the right path.

  22. Mark Fine says:

    Brave of you to keep searching. Many become complacent and accept tired old dogma. And the more adventurous the path, the more rewarding the discovery. Thanks for sharing.

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