Honor & trust

January 16, 2012
Kelly Rae Roberts

I ran across something I’d written a while back,
something about the trust I was feeling in particular situation.
Of course, as life sometimes turns out, my trust at the time was misplaced.

Reading this piece so many years later
made me think about the nature of trust.

Trust means having complete faith in a person or situation.
In their integrity.

We have to choose whom we trust wisely, though.

The late Suze Rotolo wrote an excellent memoir* about Bob Dylan,
her lover for four years.
Here’s what she said about him in a 1964 journal entry:

I believe in his genius, he is an extraordinary writer
but I don’t think of him as an honorable person.
He doesn’t necessarily do the right thing.
But where is it written that this must be so
in order to do great work in the world?

Perhaps it isn’t required to do great work.
But being honorable is one of the traits that makes a person trustworthy.

{She implies that it was one of the dealbreakers in their relationship.}

We’d be well-served by picking and choosing with care those
in whom we place our trust.

*A Freewheelin’ Time, a Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties by Suze Rotolo. Sadly, she died in 2011.

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