How the left is turning on itself

October 17, 2019

Bill-MaharIt’s clear that the left is turning on itself. Eating its young, so to speak. And eating its old, too. Consuming everyone on its own side. That splintering of what should be a unified force is why that awful man in the Oval could very well get re-elected. But that could be too nuanced for many to understand.

A few years ago I heard longtime activist Mark Rudd speak. The left, he observed, spent the past three decades focused only on issues, while the right’s laser focus was on garnering political power. The result of this short sight on the part of liberals is obvious: a splintered left wing and a right wing bloated with the power it gained and exercising its big, swinging you-know-what.

Bill-MaharMeanwhile, the left is  still doing itself in–death by a thousand cuts, you might say. And in the process, well-meaning but clueless people will play a a bigger role than they realize in the destruction of the world–something that seems almost inevitable with this clown in the Oval. Our own side has put 2020’s election at risk, as well.

Just like religions have always had the one true belief system, we now have the one true opinion. Disagree with that at your own risk. I know, because I’ve been the subject of attack by the social media mob. And shunned by others who believe I’ve fallen short of what they see as the one true standard.

Ahem. Doesn’t change a thing. You can tell me to FO, say you’re “disappointed in me” and I will still believe what I believe. Because what you think really means nothing. My convictions are my own.

Which brings me to a recent New York Times Magazine interview with Bill Mahar.

A man with integrity

I‘m a fan. Always have been. He’s one of the few public people unafraid to call out the emperor for having no clothes– and he’s paid the price for it, too. He skewers the left, the right and everything in between. When he sees something crazy, phony, silly, ridiculous– he calls it out. And there’s a whole lot to call out in our world today. Not just on the right, either.

I may or may not agree with him on every issue, although chances are, I do. But here’s what I respect: He’s got integrity.

A man who gets nuances

So when I saw the NYT interview with him in the Sept 30, 2019 paper, I couldn’t wait to read it. I wasn’t disappointed. Like me, he’s noticed that nuances aren’t understood in this new world order, and that’s a pretty key point, in my opinion and in his.

In his interview, he said so many of the things that I believe. So I’m going to excerpt a handful of his interview quotes here for thought (and maybe discussion in the comments if you want to comment) and then I’ll link to the article. So here’s Bill, in his own words:

Everyone fears the wrath of the Twitter mob, the social justice warriors and the PC police. Religions always talk about the one true religion. Now on the left we have the one true opinion. If you go against that, you do so at your peril. That’s why the air on the left is becoming stale.

The most important thing that the Democrats can do to win the next election is to broom this element out of their party and stand up to the Twitter mob and the ultra-woke. And I don’t like the term “woke,” because it implies I am asleep. I was woke before some of these people were born.

Bill-MaharI grew up in a household with two liberal parents who were ahead of their time. My father and mother told me about civil rights. I knew what the right thing was. The difference is that liberals protect people, and P.C. people protect feelings. They don’t do anything. They’re pointing at other people who are somehow falling short of their standards, which could have changed three weeks ago. They’re constantly moving the goalposts so they can go, “Gotcha!”

The politically correct people are not concerned about social justice. They care about putting scalps on the wall…are we at this place where we can’t admit that we’ve ever had bad thoughts and gotten over them and become a better person? You can’t judge today by yesterday. We evolve.

And finally, to all those snowflakes who find it necessary to excoriate anyone who communicates even the slightest of difference in views, Bill Mahar (and I)  say this:

“It’s not the worst thing in the world to hear something you find somewhat offensive. You can turn the channel. Look at something else. Go to a puppet show; you’ll never be offended.” (Bill’s words)

Here’s the full interview.

And yes, this post is related to last week’s post on our Lord of the Flies society.

5 comments on “How the left is turning on itself
  1. I registered as a Democrat when I turned 18. This year, I left the party and became an Independent. I don’t recognize the party I was so proud to join. I still consider myself a Democrat, not a socialist. I’m against 90% of the policies put forth by the new Democratic party, particularly their gleeful intolerance. Marianne Williamson was the one I liked best, believe it or not! I’m neither touchy feely or spiritual, but she actually said some things that made sense.It’s a sad state of affairs when she said, “The Republicans are a lot nicer to me than the Democrats.” I have no idea who I’ll vote for in 2020. We’re seriously considering becoming expats. Great post. I never, ever, get political in a public forum but this post hit me.

    • Thank you Kathleen. I’d like to know more about your position now!

      • I’m a great believer in social programs. I think the greatest country in the world should give it’s down and out citizens a hand up. I don’t think it should last forever and I don’t agree with a universal income. I think free college should be income and merit based. But I also don’t think any university should have a $40 billion dollar endowment. They aren’t giving enough scholarships if that’s the case.It rubs me the wrong way that there will be people who will have to pay for college and past college debt for everyone else when they couldn’t afford to put themselves or their own kids through college.The 1% is only 1% and the middle class is going to get hit, and hit hard, with new taxes. As a military kid I’m familiar with a single payer health system. It was horrible. And I want a choice in which insurance I get. We can’t look at Medicare for All and Free College in a vacuum in the other countries that have it. Sweden is always used as an example. Anyone who makes over $1,800.00 USD equivalent a year pays an income tax of 32% up to 61% plus they pay a Value Added Tax for goods at 25%. Their corporate tax rate is 20% because they’re the job creators.The Democrats aren’t willing to cut corporate tax rates that low but they will tax income that high but won’t admit it. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are at least honest about the cost to the middle class. And lastly, I was a Taiwanese national and became a US Citizen. There is already a path to citizenship. I’m completely against free anything for illegal immigrants. I am all for legal immigration.This country was built by immigrants. There is a difference between legal and illegal.I don’t think every illegal immigrant is a criminal but they need to follow our laws. Canada, another Nirvana example held up by many, has a merit based system. They don’t want retirees, and if you don’t have job skills they need they don’t want you. Gee, Carol, aren’t you glad you asked?! Lol. This is my manifesto at this point. And speaking of Bill Maher, it was either him or John Stewart who said he knew several friends who voted for Trump. Not because they’re afraid of immigrants, gays, or women, but they were scared to death of their health insurance premiums!

        • I am glad I asked. I love your perspective and agree with much of it. As someone who wanted to go to Canada and found they don’t want us retirees, I hear you on that, too.

  2. Niculina McClanahan says:

    Although I occasionally watch these talk shows for the entertainment value, I don’t necessarily embrace their message as usually it is driven by the desire to appeal to a certain audience that keeps them on the air.I appreciate their courage to bring difficult conversations on the air but in my experience, the criticism for the sake of it is quite counterproductive if there is no proposed solution.

    With that being said though, I agree there has been a lack of vision for the Democratic party for a while. And honestly, I’m not seeing any democratic candidate having the right ethos at this moment, so I am concerned that we are stuck with what we’re having right now.The democratic candidates are just trying to lure voters with promises and plans,some of them quite radical, but let’s not forget that even though any of them may get elected, all these changes will need to garner support from both democrats and republicans in order to be implemented.How is that going to happen? In my opinion, they must drop this race of promised milk and honey and become honest, acknowledging the struggles of regular people and proposing changes that are realistic and have at least a slight chance to gain traction with the other party.
    Of course, we can try to emulate what other countries are doing, but I don’t think that is a practical approach especially when it’s about healthcare. Plus, let’s not forget that those countries -such is France for instance- have been working on their health system for decades to get them where they are now.In theory everything is possible, but implementing a change at that scale is crazy.Sweden has now about 10 mil people, we can’t compare that to 340 mil that we have.And US is not Sweden, we can’t import their system.
    I also agree with Kathleen’s position on immigration as I am a legal immigrant myself.Nobody is above the law. We need to secure our borders but not necessary with building a wall. There are more modern ways to do that.No one lets just any stranger entering their home, so why should we let anyone entering our country illegally? It must be a due process in place that is humane and thorough.
    So yeah, I’m waiting for more honesty and more down-to earth ideas that would actually make more sense to regular people.I don’t know any rich person who has become rich on their own. They have become rich because we, the others, either bought their products, manufactured their products or consumed their services. There is no 1% without the 99%.So it has to be a way to improve that distribution of wealth, either through social programs, free education, free child care, subsidized healthcare and so forth. A society which treats the majority of its citizens with indifference will never be a strong, cohesive society in my opinion.And we see that division with our own eyes right now.

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