How to be happy

September 13, 2015

I’m all for working hard–absolutely–but sometimes we forget the balance. Not so much this new generation, but definitely the Boomers–we were focused on our responsibilities and it was easy to forget about balance. The question of how to be happy hardly ever arose.

But that question is answered all of the place today. These how-to-be-happy reminders are sold just about everywhere in one version or another, but this one has to be my very favorite because it’s mostly about laughing and playing.

Play outside.

There’s nothing better than fresh air, the sun, a breeze. There’s a reason walking outside is often prescribed for depression.

Smell the roses


Eat a cupcake

One won’t kill you. Seriously.

Sing loud and proud.

Don’t hide your light–shine it so that everyone can appreciate it. Who are you? Sing it out and don’t apologize!

Dance in the rain.

If you’ve never done this, I highly recommend it. Of course, we haven’t seen rain in a very long time here in northern California, but when we do? I’ll be dancing in it.

Listen and learn.

This one’s all about paying attention. If we pay attention to what’s around us we can’t help but learn. If we’re willing.

That’s our Sunday inspiration here at Heart-Mind-Soul.  I’d love to hear yours, below.

4 comments on “How to be happy
  1. puneet says:

    I really feel to read something that can make me feel better. I like your article.

  2. Sandy Mangis says:

    Always love posts about things that make us happy.

  3. Lana says:

    All great suggestions. And I can do lots of dancing in the rain here! Hope you have a great week Carol.

  4. I am a BIG advocate of being happy here and now – I think our generation was so busy trying to do everything and make sure everything was okay that we forgot how to dance in the rain. At least we are still young enough to get a bit of that done before old age slows us down! Lovely post Carol

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