How to deal with difficult people

August 11, 2012
Oh what is left to learn
When he would let you crash and burn
-Eric Hutchinson

There have been times
when I’ve let people into my life
who have failed to show me
appropriate respect.

Years later, I’ve looked back, horrified.
What was I thinking?

Eliminate from your life
people who are
 {what it really means is they don’t respect themselves.
you’re an innocent victim here, but you can opt out. and should.
no excuses. just run. fast.}

When you’re giving more that you’re getting
in a particular relationship
it’s time to end it.

2 comments on “How to deal with difficult people
  1. laura says:

    Unfortunately, the one person in my life who is everything you have described is one of my bosses. He will not change, he will not be removed. I can remove myself: forfeiting more than a decade’s seniority and a job I’ve worked hard to obtain. I don’t want to sacrifice those things. So I’m treating him as a lesson on how to put forth strict boundaries; learning someone else’s behavior is not about me; and the power of walking away instead of engaging an energy monster. This situation has also made me realize what is important and I am giving myself eighteen months longer before I can comfortably walk away from a comfortable salary.

  2. Laura, I had exactly the same scenario and did what you did. When I finally quit, it wss a great feeling. However, am still working on forgiveness….that’s always hard for me. Good luck with it.

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