How to get a good night’s sleep

May 21, 2012


That’s the question. When am I ever going to get a full night’s sleep?  
I’m well-past menopause and still, I can’t stay asleep easily.
After I refused Ambien, my doctor grudgingly gave me
a small Rx for Ativan, 
which I’ve reserved for nights when I’m particularly desperate 
for a good sleep. I don’t always take it.
M isn’t helping.
Our smoke/C02 alarms seem to emit “low battery” signals 
only in the middle of the night.
Not even foam ear plugs block the annoying sound.
 After two of them went off in the same night,
he vowed to change out all the batteries, 
then promptly forgot to change those that hadn’t already beeped.
The other night, the alarm in our bedroom started beeping
in the predawn hours. 
On one of those desperate nights.
When I’d taken a half-dose of Ativan. 
He finally got up and removed the alarm.
“I’m sorry….” he apologized. 
Then coffee’d himself into a wakeful state.
Coffee doesn’t do much for me in that way. And I don’t nap easily.
So off we went to a big party that night, me a zombie.
This started in my 40s, and I blamed perimenopause.
Now, I blame menopause.
How, dear Lord,  can I sleep the whole night through?
Any ideas?
2 comments on “How to get a good night’s sleep
  1. Doctor Don says:

    CC…I have the same problem but I doubt that it’s menopause. You are perhaps not converting enough serotonin to melatonin, which could be cuz you don’t have enough serotonin or for some other reason. My menopausal spouse and I have both started taking 5 mg melatonin every night. It definitely helps regulate sleep cycles. Try it. Won’t hurt you, and might get you a good night’s sleep. Best, Dr. D.

  2. I don’t know, Dr. D, you could be in menopause–you are the Dr. D I know, right? 😉 Yeah, I’m allergic to melatonin. Not kidding. I give it to my dogs, though, works wonders for them.

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