How to reduce gun violence

August 11, 2013

“We have grown further & further away from civil discourse in this country.”

How do we stop gun violence? For one, we need a memory longer than the last shooting or massacre.  Have we forgotten Newtown? Sandy Hook? The funerals are over, the talking heads have moved on to the next tabloid topic and as usual, energy around gun control has dissipated, helped along by the NRA and other gun lobbies. They play to fear, the fear that gun owners will have to give up their weapons.  Of course, gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.  It’s about using our brains and common sense to keep guns out of the hands of crazies. And it’s about preventing the next person–a child, maybe–from being killed by someone who has no legitimate reason to possess a firearm.

I’ll never understand how Americans continue to fall for fear-based campaigns funded by special interests.

Important work is being done across the nation  by “No more names,” a national drive to reduce gun violence.

Before gun owners get all hot under the collar, it’s not going to pry your weapon out of your cold, dead hands: it’s a drive to insert common-sense regulations into gun ownership. And if you’re against that? Well, I can’t help you. Or even understand you.

This video includes words from lifelong hunters, law enforcement and other gun owners in Montana, a real gun-toting state. A place where guns are a way of life. You’ll hear reasonable words from hunters, law enforcement and lawmakers…words like:

“A return to reason…”

“A rationale solution…”

“….does not threaten our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.”

“….start having a true dialogue based on actual facts and common sense….”

“I will not tolerate the thought of my police officer son being shot by someone who could have been prevented from buying a gun if we had background checks fully in place.”

My friend, Scott, a retired law enforcement professional opens and closes this video. He knows what he’s talking about.

“We CAN talk about this,” says a Montanan, pleading for civil discourse on the subject.

He’s right. We can and we should have real dialogue that leads to real solutions..

Enough craziness.

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2 comments on “How to reduce gun violence
  1. Susan Cooper says:

    I completely agree that real solutions need to be made. So many people say make stricter gun laws but in honesty the people who are breaking the laws do not care about gun laws. They are not registering their weapons. Thank you for this article. 🙂

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