I ♥ Rachel Zoe

September 2, 2010

I have no excuse. It’s a guilty pleasure.

She’s a celebrity stylist. She lives in L.A. She has a reality show. She is so thin her ribs show and probably doesn’t eat at all. And there are those rumors. A lot of things here that I really don’t like.

And yet, I ♥ Rachel Zoe.

I love her passion for fashion. She lives and breathes her work because she loves it, and how many of us can say that?

She doesn’t fawn all over celebrities, at least on her show. Her concern is doing a good job for them, it appears. Can’t quibble with that.

I hate to say it, but she seems honest and like a pretty nice person. Even if she does live in L.A.

And fashion is—fun. Even if I wouldn’t wear couture, I love looking at it.

Styling is a creative pursuit, the melding of color and design with human form. I’m fascinated by RZ’s eye for what will look good on a particular person: what suits their shape and also their personality. I like how she can look at a dress on a hanger and see the right person wearing it.

And I particularly LOVE LOVE LOVE her relationship with her adorable husband, Rodger Berman. (17 years or something like that)

The two of them are adorable together.

I love the inside view her show gives me to a world I’d never otherwise be exposed to.

Yes, I ♥ Rachel Zoe and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. It goes along with my love for tabloids. A discussion for another day.

3 comments on “I ♥ Rachel Zoe
  1. You’re not alone! I too adore Rachael & Rodger for many of the reasons you listed .. I hope they don’t change AND I hope they have a baby .. Just sayin’

  2. Me, too! I think it would change her life. Aren’t they cute together?

  3. Well, I can see I am goign to have to investigate this couple a little more closely. I’ve heard of RZ of course and she sounds a sensible person. We need to get our inside outside, not the reverse, which is what most “fashion” mavens seem to think.
    Thanks for this excellent post and your comment, MAD! R xox

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