I considered becoming a nun

June 24, 2012
I’d probably be a naughty nun….
Pick yourself up off the floor. 
It’s true.
There have been times in my life 
when I considered becoming a nun.
No, not when I was a young, impressionable Catholic girl.
When I was a grown-up person.
How could this be? you ask.
A woman with your relationship history?
Well, think about it.
Life in the world can be pretty crazy.
And frustrating. 
A life of contemplation and good works has appeal.
There are worse ways to spend our time on this earth.
If only I bought the Catholic religion.
Which I don’t.
I really don’t buy any religion.
They all have elements of goodness
but somehow the rest of it gets twisted.
Yes, I turned out to be a corporate shill.
The job wasn’t particularly altruistic,
but then I wasn’t particularly my  job.
And I do like the idea of living a life that’s all about helping others.
And have, at various times, considered getting myself to a nunnery.
Just not recently.

A shame, because vocations are in short supply.

What about you?
2 comments on “I considered becoming a nun
  1. I like the structure of this post. It’s a new style of poetry with interesting content;->

  2. 😉 Thanks, Kristin! Never thought about it that way!

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