I figured it out

March 9, 2009

I know what women who don’t work do. They watch daytime TV. I am riveted to A Baby Story. I really should be doing stuff that needs doing, while I await the movers, but I want to see this C-section.

The Dad’s a great-looking Ghanian who seems to be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

He went to get the car washed and barely got home in time to take his wife to her scheduled C-section. Reminded me of “Bahamian time.”

I could interpolate what the wife’s life is like. I’d put money on that fact that his relaxed attitude about time drives her nuts.

the baby’s cute, though. Big.

Dad cried, redeeming himself, I think.

Mom is white…and she looked like she’d had lip augmentation and permanent lipliner.

Dad just said about his newborn: “He’s so white!”

I think most black or half black newborns are more white when they first emerge. Cute baby.

Speaking of babies, mine got diagnosd with kennel cough last Wed, but hasn’t coughed since. Till today. He’s also not eating much. Dr. Stu said that it might take a few weeks till he’s better.

I guess I expected to hear more coughing the past few days and didn’t expect to hear one out of the blue just now.

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