I heart food but…

August 5, 2009

This is how weird I can get about food.

This meal program requires me to eat regularly and steadily every few hours. Protein heavy. No fruits at all. Unlimited veggies of most kinds (but not potatoes of any kind.) No more than 5 grams net carbs every 5 hours. Which is extremely limited.

This goes on for 8 weeks. I am starting week 3.

So today I ate:

Protein shake

2 pieces reduced fat swiss cheese
1 net 5g-carb tortilla

baked fish, 3 oz. and could barely swallow it
broccoli, asparagus
a Tbsp garlic hummus

a few sugar free, nearly 0 calorie ice pops (allowed unlimited)
2 teensy 5g-carb chocolate muffins, different times of day

Romaine lettuce, a piece of cut cheddar, cukes in a salad sprayed w/ Balsamic Breeze
2 handfuls almonds

Water, hot herbal teas, one 16 oz coffee. That was my intake all day..

And just now I thought: Did I eat too much? Did I gain weight today?

Ridiculous. If this was even 1,000 calories, I’d be surprised.

On the other hand, being this attuned means that I’ll keep to it. I’m in the zone now and can’t stop.

One comment on “I heart food but…
  1. Alan says:

    It takes a lot of discipline to stay w/ a program. Keep up the good work!

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