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August 17, 2016

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I love collage. I have no talent in the making of them, but I love them nonetheless. Special appreciation, too, when they reflect a person’s identity. Who they are at their core.

This bulletin board hangs in my office and I’m not sure there’s anything in my house that reflects Carol more. Ok, maybe my kitchen. But still.

There’s a photo of my father with me on the ferry to Alcatraz in the mid-1990s and a heart with my name on it that my mom gave me. She was fond of giving me things emblazoned with my name, as if I would forget it.

The patron saint of procrastination is also nearby, along with a photo of my beautiful, sweet late cat, Tyler. Those two items are not related.

There’s a card that one of my nephews sent me, a tassle I got in Morocco. Sweet notes from my husband. Zentangles done by a friend. My hopes and dreams for the 2008 election in a bumper sticker. The program from the memorial service of a BFF. A tiny wedding picture from our first time around.

A nod to my 1960s vibe, accompanied by my favorite fortune cookie fortune. Isn’t that the best fortune cookie message ever?

be-yourselfMore 60s stuff and of course, my entry ticket to the beautiful Taj Mahal on that amazing trip to India just a few years ago. And yeah, typewriters, everywhere because yeah, I write. All. of. the. time.

And then, there’s this. Whether it’s remarrying my first husband 27 years after our divorce, moving to California where I didn’t know a soul, or fly-fishing in Montana, I’m always up for something out of the norm. Crazy idea? I’m IN!

So is there something in your home that just screams YOU? A window to your identity?  I want to hear about it.

27 comments on “Who we are
  1. Leanne says:

    I have a pin board too – I started it before I found Pinterest and it is now full – I attached a pic to fb for you to see (there were a few similarities!)

  2. Linda Hobden says:

    I don’t have a pinboard but I do have a pin mirror -a large wall mirror that we slot family photos into the frame. Visitors often comment on the smily baby & children photos – not just my own 5 children but also my niece, nephews, my cousin’s boys and grandparents too ????

  3. I have a few “windows to my identity.” One is a monkey doll that was popular when I was a kid. A few years ago, I saw it it a catalog and had to have it for the sake of nostalgia! Ha ha. I love your “Be Here Now” button. That’s one of my favorite mantras I use to center myself when life feels chaotic. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Barbara says:

    Your board is very telling, Carol. I don’t have anything like it but, I have to say my whole house is me. I’m the designer/decorator who chose 99% of everything in it. My husband does the grunt work after I lay out the plan. He’s good like that! I make, and sell handmade paper collages if you’re interested. They’re in 4×6″ frames. Sharon Greenthal bought one around Christmas time last year. It’s like meditation for me to play with paper.

  5. Candy says:

    Like looking at people’s boards you can learn a ton about that person

  6. It would have to be all the magnet I have plastered on my refrigerator from places I’ve visited all over the world. I’m a sucker for magnets.

  7. Jenny says:

    A pinboard is such a fun idea! My desk contains all my important stuff though.

  8. Cori says:

    I bought a stamp that says “My Husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me.” That one says everything you need to know about me. Yes, there is also a wall, but that stamp is the most concise example.

  9. I love this idea and love how you have shared these touches that are personal to you. Our pinboard is huge and is covered with children’s drawings, appointment letters and cards and… yep, that’s about it!

  10. Sheryl Kraft says:

    Every morning (weather permitting) I take a walk on the beach with my coffee and allow myself to pick up just ONE rock and ONE shell. Then I display them on a shelf and look back on them to remember my special start of the day.

  11. I have a pin board in my office behind my desk and it is stuffed with photos, cards, and few letters that mean a lot to me. I’m not sure it represents me except it is quite messy. My bedside stand may be a better sample of who I am. The drawers contain a Bible, books by C.S. Lewis, my latest reads (I always have 2-3 books going at a time), my kindle, a notebook to jot down ideas and inspirations,my chapstick, tissues and arthritis gloves to keep my hands warm while I read. Wow! Am I boring or what?

  12. Silly Mummy says:

    Great bulletin board! Yes, that is the best fortune cookie message ever! I want to make a bulletin board like this now.

  13. Kim s says:

    Yes, my nightstand has all of my goodies on it: my iPad, my laptop, my essential oils, my lotions and my baby wipes (cause I’m a mom who is constantly changing diapers all over the house! LOL)

  14. I always had a bulletin board filled with my favorite pictures and quotes and stuff when I was growing up. This totally makes me want to start one again now!

  15. Grammy says:

    I love it, all about you and your memories! Remarrying your first husband…must be true love, how inspiring 🙂

  16. Bree Hogan says:

    I love this idea Carol. I’m sure every time you look at the board it brings back so many memories for you and is also a great motivator.

  17. Roxy says:

    We are renters so we have made it a point to not do too much as we know we will just have to move. We are in the process of buying a house and I’ll have a whole room to myself to make an office or a monster closet….either way, I’m stoked to make the space my own.

  18. Frances D says:

    I just got myself a cork board at Michael’s recently. My daughter mounted it on the wall behind my desk – still pristine – because I was debating between a collage of life events or a vision/bucket/wish list sort of thing. Your’s is great, and quite inspirational. My favorites are the Ram Dass button – so far out – and the bird. Thanks for sharing. I have been having a lovely afternoon catching up with your blog.

  19. courtney says:

    I love collages and big pin boards, it’s so fun to be able to collect little momentos, trinkets and photos that mean something special to you.

    La Belle Sirene

  20. Angie Scheie says:

    I love collages too, and what a great idea for a post. We got to know you a little bit better!

  21. My boyfriend and I have a few pieces that I’ve created in our apartment! Mostly designed of superheroes and stuff. It’s a good combination of both of us 🙂 I really like your collage – it looks great!

  22. Rosemond says:

    I”m a visual person and I find collages a wonderful way to remind myself of wonderful times past or goals and dreams. Of course mine don’t usually look very good to anyone but me but I guess that’s OK!

  23. I haven’t made a collage in a while. It’s funny because to some degree we are on social media posting pictures and it’s kind of a collection of who we are throughout time. Just a thought. Also I love what you said about your mom and forgetting your name. There is this stupid little cartoon youtube videos I love and on one the character is talking about how girls wear their names on their necklaces like “whats my name again, (looks at necklace) oh right I’m Amber” hahah

  24. Amber says:

    I used to have a pin board for something like this and miss it so much! Our house is in renovation chaos right now but I think I need another one of these once we’re done.

  25. Liz Jo says:

    What a great idea to show off who you are!

    Thanks for linking up with Welcome Home Wednesdays! Live every Wednesday at 7AM CT.

    liz @ j for joiner

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