If you’ve got a yummy summer recipe…

August 20, 2013
Yes, a giveaway!

Yes, a giveaway!

I’m looking for some delicious summer recipes that are healthy, but still satisfying for a healthy man’s appetite.  Thanks to climate change, our summer’s been unusually warm. Hubby does not like to grill outdoors, nor does he like fish. You would think these two caveats would still leave plenty of options, but I’m not feeling very creative this summer, at least not in the culinary department. Oh yes–I can’t eat seeds of any kind or nuts, and that limits us, too.

So, if you’ve got a delicious, simple, good-for-us summer recipe you’d like to share in the Comments section or via email at ccassara at (aol), I’ll take it!  In return, I’ll one or more randomly chosen winners will get a mini-beauty package. Isn’t that a good deal? I’ll publish all of the recipes in a future post.

{And no, this contest isn’t sponsored by anyone but me. I need some new recipes for summer!}

Simple as that. Hope you’ll share…and be sure to leave your email addy so I can tell you you won!


7 comments on “If you’ve got a yummy summer recipe…
  1. I make this every summer, several times a summer, and my husband LOVES it, and my kids LOVE it, and I do, too.

  2. admin says:

    The bitch of it is that I love tomatoes but they have seeds. To be able to eat them, I have to blanch and de-seed every darn one and that is a pain. I usually end up not eating that dish.

  3. Hi Carol. My husband has been trying to slim down and stay cool. I am emailing you his favorite dinner recipe this summer. I’ve tweaked it to make it extra good for you. Enjoy.

  4. Here is an easy salad we love for hot summer days…
    seedless watermelon cubes or balls
    sliced cucumbers
    feta cheese

    keep in frig so it is nice and cold
    I don’t add dressing to mine. Richard adds a bit of vinegar and oil.

  5. PatU says:

    Love this recipe, but I embellish it: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/grilled_shrimp_bean_salad.html

    I like more vegetables in the salad: diced red onion, red and/or yellow pepper, a bit of jalapeno.

    I so enjoy making things with little tomatoes and snips of herbs from my patio garden.

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