May 6, 2009

Tampa’s Ikea crazy, now that we have our first store. What’s it been, a decade or more since Ikea first hit the states? and now it’s in the hinterlands.

I’m not sure why everyone is so nuts for Ikea. I’ve never understood it.

DEX3 and I once went to the Ikea in the East Bay (Calif.) The products were awful. Flimsy furniture that looked like it wouldn’t last a year.

I’m all for low prices, but it just seemed like junk to me.

Here’s an example from a review I found online:

I just spent the better part of an hour cursing and struggling with my two Ikea mini greenhouses. One of them went together with only a couple of pieces falling off, but the second, which should have been easier, broke in several places. The upside? These mini greenhouses are cheap at $14.99 and cute, that is if you manage to put them together without it splintering them into smithereens

Apparently, people are getting injured because parts are missing and the furniture falls apart. See http://www.ikea-injury.com/

The photo’s from the Ikea in Shanghai. Now there’s a combination that ought to send chills down your spine.

(Sorry, D. I know you once were an exec there.)

2 comments on “Ikea-krazy
  1. Alan says:

    I’d never go back there. The best thing about Ikea are the meatballs in the cafeteria. I’m serious, they were damn good! The Ikea in E. Palo Alto is a mess.

  2. Diana Strinati Baur says:

    Ikea for me is all about a few products:

    Shelving for the basement
    Paper napkins
    Stainless steel accessories for the kitchen (rods and racks)
    some (only some) light fixtures
    Picture frames
    Toys for Max

    All in all they have been working on quality issues over the years. But as a rule I do not buy the furniture, although there are several which have raised themselves out of the junk classification.

    A well run IKEA store is a beautiful thing. A poorly run one is hell.

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