In the house of lovers

April 14, 2013
Oh, that Rumi.
Such a romantic!
Oh that this were true.
Maybe it is.
But chances are
if the floor were dancing
and the walls singing
all the time
it would drive us
There is love
and there is LOVE
and there is lOvE
What does it mean to really love another person?
Do we love them in the abstract?
Do we love the idea but not the reality?
Do we love them unequivocally?
Without qualifications?
Do we love them enough to care about their needs?
or do we love them only as a reflection of our own need?
What does dwelling in the house of lovers really mean?
That, my friends, is the question.
Anyone got an answer?
One comment on “In the house of lovers
  1. Donna Nurmi says:

    I believe that love is. “When you care about someone else’s wellbeing as much as you care about your own.”

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