In the move groove

October 29, 2010

We’ve been slowly moving stuff over to the new house, carload by carload, since our return from Italy. Every time we meet a craftsman, delivery service, utilities person, we bring a carload.

I’d say 90 percent of our clothes are there. And much of the kitchen. Books, my gift boxes. Tools. Paintings. As much as possible, I’m putting stuff away as it arrives.

M. has installed four new garage storage cabinets, which are being filled. Two big area rugs have been bound and are in place for the living room and family room.

New dog beds have arrived. Temporary shades for the master bedroom and a few rooms are here (our permanent window coverings will be at least another month).
The heat and air conditioning work. The new refrigerator {swoon} is chilling and freezing. In fact, the home warranty company sent us a nice check since the old refrigerator crapped out while we were in Italy. It leaked water all over the new birch floors, but the inspector we called in found no damage, thank goodness.

I still haven’t approached the new washing machine, but I will. Maybe I’ll bring the manual home to read this week. {I really AM intimidated by it.}

Our carpenter installed another bank of kitchen cabinets this week and some in the laundry room. Inexplicably, there was a blank kitchen wall crying out for cabinets and we wanted the storage space. The kitchen looks perfect now.

I finally got brutal with my closet. I now have one entire closet of career-wear on hangers ready to donate to the Career Closet.

{What moving is like in Silicon Valley}

Movers are coming on Tuesday, Nov. 9 so we are shifting into high gear.

We have much to be thankful for this season.

And one of those things is the Giants! We are loving this World Series and especially last night’s game. Go Giants!

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