In the second half of life: explore, dream, discover

May 15, 2011

I loved teaching college students. On the cusp of adult life, so many decisions lie ahead for them.

A handful of my former students still stay in touch, consulting about job opportunities and moves. To a one, they feel the pull between starting a traditional career and stepping out into what could be a more adventurous chapter in their life.

I always advise them to have the adventure.
With any luck, they’ll have a long life and there will be plenty of time for the “real job.”
And they’re young enough that mistakes won’t break them.

It’s important to remember, though, that adventure is not only for the young.
Yes, even with all of our responsibilities, there are still ways we grown-ups can cast off the bowlines and catch a bit of trade winds in our sails.
In fact, it’s even more important in the second half of our life.

We may have to scale back our dreams to fit
the reality of age, means, circumstances,
but we can still make them come true.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do
but haven’t?

There will always be reasons NOT to do something.
They’re easy to find.
Dig deeper and find the reasons TO do it.

2 comments on “In the second half of life: explore, dream, discover
  1. Kelly says:

    how does sky diving fit in here? my mother is disgusted at the idea, because I’m a mother. but before I was a mother she was disgusted at the idea. I have wanted to go since I was 17.

    I’m in this weird phase where I am able to look back at things I wish I’d done, but I am one of those freaks who doesn’t believe in regret because all those choices, overly safe or not, made me who I am now.

    And on the brink of a new start i am aware of this opportunity every single day….to NOW make my life and my kids’ lives what I WANT them to be. I get a bit stuck on how. but I’m great on the visualization part. LOL

    so…to sky dive or not? is it irresponsible or is it me going after my dreams?

  2. I would be terrified to skydive but it seems to me if it is safe, and it usually is, it’s not at all irresponsible….just do your research and go to a reputable place with people who know what they are doing. You go, girl!

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