India: Dancers demonstrate flexibility and femininity

December 5, 2013

dancer sits clearNo country does bling as well as India. Sparkling sequins, vibrant colors and shiny gold went well with the feminine moves of these beautiful dancers.  This was a day or two into our trip. Little did I know we were being eased into India. Still, what a gorgeous performance.

Dancer seated nice2They moved so quickly their skirts were a blur in most photos. So maybe this video is a clearer representation:

Dancers w lites niceThis looked super-dangerous. It surprised me to see so many women all over India carrying loads on their heads. But they usually weren’t on fire.

Belly D Light on headsI kept wondering how long it took them to learn to do this without sending their skirts up in flames.

That hip action? If I’d tried it, I would’ve required physical therapy.

When I asked about the dance, I was disappointed when our guide told us that it was mostly for tourist consumption and had no real meaning or history. Then again, our guide liked to mess with us, so who knows. I just know I enjoyed it..

6 comments on “India: Dancers demonstrate flexibility and femininity
  1. Ryder Ziebarth says:

    Was that in the hotel on the lake in Rajistan (sp)?? I think I might have seen her dance , too. So beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous–wish I could move with a portion of that sensuousness!

  3. I would have had the same reaction discovering that the dances were for entertainment only, with no cultural history. But they are still beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I always wonder about the practicing, too, when people exhibit amazing feats (and balancing stuff on one’s head is indeed an amazing feat to me). I consider the number of times they had to get it painfully wrong before getting it beautifully right. Plus, you’d think their necks would hurt.

    Thank you for sharing all about your trip. I’d love to go. One day….

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