India: The women of India

December 20, 2013

women colors carryEven going about their daily chores, the women of India in their beautiful sarees epitomize beauty and grace.

women w gooseberries gdEven when they’re just sitting in front of a massive pile of gooseberries.

color women tajOr standing at a monument waiting to go in.

sari women niceThe color and majesty of these flowing sarees brought out the beauty and elegance in every woman I saw.

women veilThey were oases of color in a sea of brown dirt and asphalt.

colorful women toteWomen in India work hard; I saw so many of them toting their wares. Still, they looked elegant. Dignified.

colorful women tote 2Resplendent, even.

women crwodEven older women looked handsome and striking.

women GREATLike gorgeous butterflies.

women color1I loved the turbaned man in the sea of femininity.

women veilsSpangles and sparkles and color. We American women think we are so modern and fashionable–but I can see that we have lost some of our femininity in the process.  I know I’m guilty of “saving” beautiful clothes for special occasions, when really, I should be enjoying them more often.

Gardner women CUThese women are gardeners. (My female gardener looks nothing like this.)

women on sidewalk gorgeJust walking down the sidewalk, women were eye-catching, drawing my camera lens like a magnet.

women sit gdThese might have been eunuchs, who have a strangely mixed reputation in India. They’re bawdy and threatening and also are auspicious and asked for blessings. We went by too quickly for me to suss it out.

4 comments on “India: The women of India
  1. Corinne Rodrigues says:

    Wondering whether you tried wearing a sari, Carol? Sadly, many of us have stopped wearing them, except for special occasions.

    • admin says:

      I didn’t–I just don’t have a place to wear them. But in the country it’s all women wore and they looked beautiful. Is it sari or saree?

  2. Barbara says:

    I was drawn into this post with each flutter of those colorful, dazzling, beautiful saris. So nice that you captured them and shared them here. I love fabric and these are spectacular – all of them, but those two young girls walking with the grown women in what looks like an alleyway were so much fun and the sari with the black and white wavy lines that wash into red & fuscia? Breathtaking.
    Did you bring any home? I just know I would have wanted to touch every one of them and linger on the embellishments.

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