India: Unforgettable scenes

December 14, 2013

st vendor dirtyStreet vendors were everywhere, even in the smallest little villages.

men walking fruitAll I see is brown, even with pops of color in the background.

street vendor girlYes, a young customer for that same vendor. Indian fast food.

womenshop2Shopping for meals is as easy as stepping outside.

village scene niceVillage scene.

wash faucet ughWashing in public.

I couldn’t resist taking some video, since I knew that we weren’t even supposed to brush our teeth with the public water supply. Here’s what I saw: dirty mop, bucket, guy washing his teeth.

What I didn’t see, until I walked around the scene, was that he was washing his teeth from a faucet that was out of view, not from the bucket. My assumption is that his body was accustomed to the water. We saw people washing in public all over India. Despite the dirt, cleanliness is valued. But oh, what a futile task!

dogs-2These were some of the few dogs that looked fairly normal. The rest were in such sad shape it was horrifying.

Keeping things clean is a real challenge.

Especially with these ineffectual handmade brooms.

cow old delhiOh, the cows.

Del dumpIvory Palace???

Del eye health careOne would not want to detach one’s retina here, I don’t think.  But actually, that Victorian clinic in Manhattan was pretty bad, too.

Del guest hs 2 Del guest hsGlad those guest houses weren’t our accommodations.

parrot del cu gdParrots in the wild.

Del washing vegetWashing vegetables. Hmm.

Marriage bureauMatchmaker.

WiresOh, this ain’t the half of it.

wire messBootleg power. It’s real. This was Delhi.

street scene peo delOld Delhi.

neighb kioskThe equivalent of a 7-Eleven.

turban guy on stLoved his turban.

9 comments on “India: Unforgettable scenes
  1. I have enjoyed all of the posts on your trip…thanks for taking us along on the journey!!

  2. Kymberly says:

    The bright colors juxtaposed against the solid color (brown in this case) reminds me of Greenland where the houses were painted very brightly to stand out against the pervasive white of snow. No vegetation; just white snow and paint. It was actually pretty and interesting, much like your photos here.

  3. Great photos and an opportunity to visit without making the trip! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE to travel, but I have to confess that India has never been on “the list”. Now thanks to you I’ve been able to observe some of the contrasts and experiences. Thanks! ~Kathy

    • admin says:

      I loved our trip and hated it at the same time. It was the best and the worst…hard to explain, but worth it in the end.

  4. Great street photos. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey with us!

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