May 7, 2009

The process of insuring major bling is quite a production.

Her Blondeness is mathematically challenged, even on a good day. So I knew I’d be in trouble when I had to calculate my own premium based on a formula they provide.

My first two attempts came out clearly wrong; about 1/3 of what we expected. Once I corrected my error and faxed the form in, I got a call from the insurer. Apparently with major bling, there are a few more underwriting questions. Quite a few.

Some had to do with how much I travel. When I wear it. Alarm systems. Where I store the ring. (So this is how the other half lives.)

My favorite question: “Does anyone else wear the ring?”

No. That would be no.

Actually, hell, no! And they’d have to cut it off my cold, dead hand to get it.

(Unless they had a gun. In which case I’d give it up and say “Thank God for insurance!”)

Anyway, after all of that, the premium actually was LOWER than we thought.

The cushion cut is an antique style that was cut to sparkle especially in candlelight. And it does. It’s blinding in daylight but at night it’s romantic and even more stunning.

FLH is amazing and easy to love. He is a total romantic, which is why I love this cut.

I’m not afraid of his love. But the ring’s a little scary, sometimes.

Still…it’s beautiful. I love it more every day,if that is even possible.

2 comments on “Insurance
  1. Alan says:

    Congrats! Beautiful ring. On Antiques Roadshow, the rule for insurance is to double the actual value of the item.

  2. Thx!

    It’s a replacement value policy. If we’d doubled, the premium would’ve been out of sight and for no reason. We actually went through two appraisals.

    It’s well-insured but not over-insured… this appraisal is good for a couple yrs then we’ll we reappraise. There is no sense in paying the insurance company excess money!

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