Intervention on a plate

June 28, 2013

no to gun sales

Fishs Eddy in Manhattan is one of the most smile-inducing places in the city. No need to spend a dime, either. Just step in and prepare to be entertained.  The Price-Gun Control Sale promoted above is only one of the amusing sights you’ll encounter.  I saw a lot of stuff I loved, but the Intervention dishware had to be my favorites:

2013-05-20 22.24.44Prepare yourself; we’ll start slowly.

intervention mugTake that Katie Couric! Yes, I mean that. Oh, I know, some of you Boomer bloggers who love her. I think she’s obnoxious and BTW she’s supposed to be very “difficult” IRL.  I know, I’m really catty today. So sorry, not like me. This mug brought it out.

inter mugHaven’t you known someone like that? To whom you want to say, “back off, dude!”

But the mugs were just a warmup for the plates, my real favorites:

interplateand then

inter plate2 inter plate 3 inter plateI need me a set of these.

Oh, you wish you could’ve been there? Well, come along with me. I shot a shaky video of Fishs Eddy as I navigated my way through the store while looking through the camera viewfinder and trying not to break anything. The country music is a little surprising. Here you go:

4 comments on “Intervention on a plate
  1. PatU says:

    Is that not the truth? I LOVE the place.

    When drive down to NYC and CT I think about stopping at the real Fishs Eddy. So far, we haven’t done it. Not much of a connection, I understand.

  2. Susan Cooper says:

    What a whimsical place. This is really neat. I will definitely have to check this place out. Do they have a website? I would love to check it out.

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