How our world today is overly intrusive

June 24, 2019

intrusiveIf you’ve got any boundaries at all, you’ve had experiences you’d define as intrusive.

People having loud cellphone conversations in public and especially in closed places where it’s difficult to escape. Like on the train. What IS that? Do they not get that we are hearing the entire conversation? That it’s intruding on our own privacy? Or don’t they care?

What about those ambush candid cell phone photos taken and posted on social media? You know, the ones in which you look like a madwoman? The ones that are the complete opposite of the carefully curated selfies we see.

And you know those: posed, retouched and ENDLESSLY posted on social media. Those are also intrusive.  I always wonder what makes people think that we want to see endless images of…them?

These are other examples of how common courtesy (or what I believed was common courtesy) has fallen by the wayside. I pointed out some other ways in this post, 4 things savvy parents teach their children.

It would be great if parents made an attempt to combat peer pressure and taught their kids how to use technology and social media with sensitivity and courtesy.

Part of the problem, I think, is lack of empathy. That ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others. When we’re focused only on our own needs (and boy, do we see a lot of this in politics), then it doesn’t occur to us that what we’re doing is intrusive. We’re…clueless.

I’m not so sure empathy is a natural condition. I believe it can be modeled and it can be taught, which is why I’d like to add it to the list of things savvy parents teach their children.

What say you? Do you think the world is not very intrusive or overly so?

5 comments on “How our world today is overly intrusive
  1. Absolutely! But people don’t have simple courtesies how in the world do you think they can teach their children? I can’t believe people in small rooms talking endlessly on the phone. What do you think? Do you think it’s rude to ask people to please hang up or go outside? What is the best way to handle these things?

  2. How about the constantly ringing phone with robots and telemarketers at the other end? Privacy and quiet–precious commodities that are slipping away.

  3. We’ve become such a me, me, me society. It doesn’t occur to many younger people that there’s anyone else they should take into consideration but themselves.

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