Is anyone actually doing work anymore?

June 13, 2012
Blog commentary.
Just about every interactive site on earth wants to engage with us. Communicate with us. Wants comment and postings. Wants us to read the messages of hundreds, if not thousands of people we “follow.”
Even those that didn’t start out to be “social.”
And then, we need to worry: Are we influential enough? 
Do we use Google Analytics? Klout? 
Peerindex? How Sociable? Tweetlevel?
Have we subscribed to the RSS feeds for the blogs we follow?
Do we even read the blogs we follow?
Are we buying Groupons?
Living Social?
Friending and talking on Yelp?
Do we IM? PM? DM?
About the time I saw that people could comment on Instagram,
I went over the edge.

Does this seem excessive to you?

Where are people finding the time to do all this? 
They’d have to sit in front of their computer all day long 
ignoring their work. And some do.
So it raises the question: Does anyone ever work any more?
And does anyone meet their friends face to face any more?

I love new media. I believe social media have their place.
But a backlash of some kind is overdue.

What do you think?

2 comments on “Is anyone actually doing work anymore?
  1. Angele Style says:

    This is NUTZ!! It makes me delirious just reading the list of all the different online social media let alone even try to engage in it. Every time I ask someone what they like about any of those ways of communicating the way they explain it turns me off royally and I tell myself soemday someway someone may be able to tell me what is so neat about it???????????????? What about meditation and clearing the mind? The whole world takes yoga classes and lives on social media? I really am curious and really want to know???

  2. I know, it’s crazy. Crazy.

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